361MC: Research & Development – Communication Theory

The importance of communication through media is vital. There is this human requirement to have an online presence in this demanding media orientated world that we find ourselves in. Understanding how people communicate is key to gaining more knowledge on social networking and their affluences on behaviour, specifically when looking at how social media can take a toll on society as a whole. In regards to YouTube, there is a vast majority of communication that can be associated with communisation theory and how vital it can be when looking at our culture today.

Our general use of language through the power of speech has become a enormous and credible way in which to speak your mind. YouTube is aiding the people by giving them the ability to use the power of speech in a new and exciting way that has not been possible in the past. YouTube is a video sharing site that allows anyone, anywhere in the world the chance to have a voice; to speak up. Billions of people use YouTube everyday and it has become an institute in itself through it’s sheer power of accessibility, there is no limit to how many people who would be able to access your coming out video or your video on domestic violence, the sky is the limit when it comes to YouTube.

Langauge is the human need and ability to access difficult and different forms of communication, with YouTube in particular driving a new and modern way in which to communicate. There is no limit to the potential that this social network has on our culture.

The way in which to use a YouTube video and effectively use the communication theory is in essence to be yourself. Though no apparent reason there is the ability for anyone to video blog for a hobby and even a career as YouTube continues to develop it’s partnerships with it’s users. Injecting the use of language through a video is something that every video on YouTube will have, its natural and something that is entirely necessary for YouTube to even function. In the millions of videos that are uploaded every day to the video sharing site, they all have the important ingredient of language, not specific to one but to the thousands of different ones that are in our entire cultures all around the world. The relationships that are formed through language and communicating is the biggest asset to YouTube’s beneficial outcomes of it’s social networking abilities.

Body Language is also a huge aspect of successful YouTube videos, through being socially and linguistically approachable, there is also the need for the approachability in the videos through body language and overall approachable attitude to allow viewers to want more and to choose to come back when newer videos become available. Body language is all about attitude, which ultimately provides a want and unaware need to want to find out more about the person featured in the videos.

The non-verbal form of communication is the unspoken intentions of someone who comes into contact with others. Through this term, it can be understood that the main way in which it can be applied to the YouTube project, is through the person(s) who is featured in the video itself. Through the ability of communication YouTube is continuing the development of our culture through new and exciting modern ways.

I intend on applying communication theory to my FMP, as it is a vital piece of providing not only a real and effective outcome; but also it enables the video to become engaging for the audience. The videos will benefit from knowing that through communication of the traditional ways are still in tone and a required element even though it is of an online nature. There is the constant need for communication and through the online world is becoming the popular and most desired way to find new relationships and content.


364MC: Portfolio In Practice – Public & Professional Opinions

Having developed and finished the website as part of presenting myself professionally for a future career in the media industry, I arranged for a number of people to look at the site and express thoughts and tidbits towards the overall impression of the website; it’s ability to promote and explain Joshua Farmer as a media producer and how effective it is in conveying my passion and pure determination for my chosen career. I have made a strong effort in gaining useful and honest feedback from everyone that has come into contact with this website, I want to use it as one of the main focuses of my professional career; something to assist me in gaining a job outside of this degree. Having it there is something that will only get better in time, with constant updates and new content added onto it; there is no reason why this website wouldn’t be anything but positive for me when it comes to being seen as a media professional, to be taken seriously.

Comments From Fellow Media Producers: Peers, Friends & Family

Having finalised the website and focused on it being the main piece of the portfolio, I designed a space specifically for the website to be showcased for my peers and friends within the university to witness all of the hard work that has been put into the website. This showcase in particular was something that allowed students of any profession and any year to come and see the work and what they thought about it the entire website, I made sure that there was a healthy mix of people coming to see the work and not just a mix of people that may not provide viable reflections. Allowing many students to come and see the work, I was able to gain a bigger idea of what needed to be changed; what worked and what didn’t work as well as identifying the key strengths and weaknesses within the website. The general consensus that I received was that the website worked smoothly and efficiently, it was not a big website which helped with it focusing on the messages that were being conveyed and the overall tone and themes of the website worked together well to create a well exhibited piece of work. With the slight alterations here and there, which were mainly on alignments and changes to the texts.

Overall the website is a success from the eyes of students from Coventry University, a hurdle has been passed.10306267_10152126049342831_1716672686101460951_n 10325795_10152136288907831_5012446595833516330_n

Moving the website online and into it’s permanent URL home, I used the social media platform set up for the YouTube project to catapult the website onto peoples screens. Having made sure that feedback was given through the social media sites too, there was an even better chance of having the website critiqued one final time before everything was finalised and locked down. The website is something that can always be changed, so in order to make sure that little changes only need to be made, this screening of all of the work is important for the future development. Moving online with the website and having it go live for the entire world to see was an exciting experience. Taking to twitter and Facebook to gather feedback virally meant being able to have those who may not know me provide feedback. Feedback from Twitter was especially useful, specifically from a peer and fellow media producer; who gave me frank advice on how to improve the website and maximise it’s potential of really being able to work for myself and my work. The issues that she highlighted    To have people comment on my work is completely a nerve wrecking experience, but also an opportunity that I feel every media producer needs for their work. The website is a labor of love that can be useful for myself and my future career as it focuses on the work that I have produced over the years as well as the main focus of the social video blogging. This website has to be effective in order to propel me into a wider and more appealing way.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 17.18.50

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 17.19.14

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 17.19.29

Comment From A Media Professional: Ruth Peters-Train

Ruth has helped me throughout a number of moments throughout my final project, allowing her to gain more of a perspective and overall scope of my approach towards the future of my production career; having her comment on my website and how it worked for presenting myself for production roles and how the website as a whole works in ways to sell myself.

Ruth was brief yet effective in regards to the feedback that she provided me for the website, but very effective.

“Your website is very bright and colourful, something that stands out to me immediately. I feel as though the images and text are specifically a stand out. It sells yourself very well Joshua, you just need to keep in mind that this is a vital piece to people hiring you in the future. So you need to constantly be updating. Keep up the YouTube videos, it makes you stand out as an individual; which is always a selling point. Well done and good luck with everything, maybe we will work together one day!”. – Ruth Peters-Train, Production Assistant.

Overall the response to the portfolio has been positive and encouraging. I can now breathe some relief as to knowing now that this is a piece of work that sells myself well, it is adaptable to various media jobs and those who have had plenty of experience have provided me with positive and happy feedback. I am now looking into the future developments of the website and how it can be altered to change with me as my career develops and thrives. I am hoping to begin to create even more pages for the site and also have the content changing often to ensure that the website stays fresh, as well as focusing on having all of the future YouTube videos featured too.

I am extremely excited to be using this website as I begin a career within the media industry, I see it as a positive and influential part of being able to use it as a selling point of myself and my work.

364MC: Engagement In Professional Networking

Throughout this entire degree, there has been the incessant impulse to work alongside the networking tools that are available.  As a media student with the ability to work throughout a number of different social networks, it has become a key ingredient to success throughout the time spent creating, developing and releasing content from the studies of the media production degree.

For this portfolio, in particular there is the requirement to create and design a brand of some sorts. Selling yourself has never been so easy within the media business, it is just the all important notion of being able to do it correctly and efficiently in order to make yourself and more importantly your work stand out from the rest of the crowd.

There are a couple of professional networking sites that have proved useful throughout my field of work as well as some that have not. There are more and more networking sites and apps becoming available, which suggest more ways in which to become contact friendly with more people than ever before. In regards to the media production student and hopeful future employee, there is a necessity in building a following on social networks. There are specific examples of how using social networks professionally can create positive outcomes as well as possible job oppurtunities.


The main source for all of the content out of the production line of all of the work that is created for myself and the media production degree. Facebook serves as the biggest influence to date for my work. Having this site as a source for people to find all of my work is very useful, as I am able to focus on the amount of coverage that each video, image, poster etc can and could ultimately reach.

Using this professionally has become the main reason for the growth of the YouTube channel that has been created as part of the FMP, as well as releasing the website created for the portfolio into the public. There has been a tremendous surge in connections that have become available to the work that is being produced. There has been a tremendous amount of growth since September 2013, when the final media production degree year began and content was being released constantly, now there is a much bigger audience to work that is solely dedicated to professionally bettering the Farmzboi brand and it’s creator as the transitions occur into the real media industry.

Since the revamp of the page at the beginning of the year, there has been a 418.8% increase in people that are being reached and seeing the videos and YouTube channel, with people giving the page a ‘like’ and choosing to follow the updates and everything going up by 36.7%, from 68 to 91 in the space of two months. Each post that is publicly served reaches between 150 to 500 people, depending on the time of day and the nature of the post. There has also been great demand in more content from those who follow the updates through Facebook. 

Through the personal account on this social network, there is contact constantly with those who are closest, as well as those who may not have ‘liked’ the professional page for the work that is being released. The Farmzboi account is dedicated to building a following organically, there are many ways in which to fake a following; so in order to truly see how much this project develops, it has to be real in order to gain credibility. This page is something that will continue to run well into the future, with the possibility of further developments made to it in order to reach out to a bigger audience. Work is continuous in the effort to gain new and exciting opportunities to the work that is produced, as this already has proved to be doing now.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 15.58.25Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 15.58.55

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 15.57.22

Personal Account – https://www.facebook.com/joshua.farme`CDFVHN 

Farmzboi Media Account – https://www.facebook.com/FarmzboiMedia


Similar to Facebook, Twitter has been used another beacon for the distribution of work over the years. In being able to appeal to a much wider audience, it has become imperative to share work through all of the social media forms. Twitter personally and professionally have all worked in favour of gaining acknowledgment from those who are not aware of who Joshua Farmer is and or what he does and how he does it. It’s a very simple process of sharing and broadcasting, which allows the 400+ followers to see work that they may find intriguing and exciting.

In regards to using Twitter professionally and specifically for this portfolio, the website has been shared on the network a number of times, with people getting in touch expressing their positive thoughts towards the brand that is being built and the work that is being put in. Having the ability to be able to share things constantly creates a following, but in order to get those who may have never seen the work before, there are specific tactics and ways in which to gather attention. Hashtags are the biggest form of labelling to anything and everything on Twitter, which has served well throughout the entire development process of this portfolio.

I believe that Twitter is extremely important as it provides a more one to one tone when being direct about something or someone. Twitter has the ability to generate popular tweets, people and topics that allow developers like myself to gather all of the necessary tools in order to be able to spread the word effectively about work that is in need of attention. Accessibility is completely easy. Twitter is best for self promotion and generating momentum for projects, as seen and experienced with my FMP YouTube project which has had a specific number of people find me and follow me and then subscribe to the YouTube channel.Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 19.44.01 Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 19.43.55

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 16.09.44

Personal & YouTube Account – https://twitter.com/Farmzboi


This social network has also served well through the professional application stages of working. I am able to use it for personal use, but also as a propaganda piece for the followers and the entire Instagram community. The appeal is there, it’s grabbing the people at the right time and in the right places. Every time there is a development in the media producer aspect of my life and career, it is documented on the profile. This is linked to every other social network and something that I deem to be particularly important, the Facebook and YouTube pages  specifically. Through tagging and posting images in particular groups and to certain people, the links to work have been used and effectively reached people who have seen various forms of work; especially the blogs that have been used for the last three years.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 18.51.21

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 18.51.29



The newest form of interaction for myself, Linkedin allows social networking to become more business and professionally orientated. Through doing this profile it begins the professional aspect of a media production career. This website in particular is focused on having a grand selection of connections through people from various backgrounds of thousands of jobs that are able to aid individuals in gaining the work and experience they need to further their careers. Gaining a number of connections is simply the beginning of this process.

There are jobs listed on this website that users are able to apply for as well as gain experience. Linkedin is all about connections and meeting new people that are going to aid the individual in their chosen career, which is a brilliant form of communicating. This has not only changed the way in which people are gaining work, but gaining brand new experiences that some may never have been able to comprehend. Relationships of a business nature, not of pleasure is this networks main aim; and one that is going to help myself in the future to gaining the jobs within the media that I desire.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 10.58.37

Personal Account – http://www.linkedin.com/profile/guided?trk=registration&o=reg


This is the newest form of professional social networking that I have used, in general this is more aimed at the FMP and my work on YouTube. The site allows people to video chat live with others on the site, socially about particular topics of choice. Media topics being one for the biggest and most appealing to be able to discuss and share. It has generated a lot of new followers throughout the entire social media spectrum for me and has allowed my YouTube channel and the website created for this portfolio to also gain attention from people all over the world.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 16.13.59



Vimeo has been another important source to my work over the years, there has been a great amount of support from the users of Vimeo and it is a social network that I intend on maintaing a following with in the near future. Vimeo is similar to YouTube in the sense of video sharing, but this is a social network that is focused entirely to film and media of the video status. Throughout the times of using this, it has simply been for using it to house all of the work that has been completed throughout the last three years of university, but a network that is worthy of continuous use as it’s users are focused too on the outcome of videos and creativity of the human brain.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 11.30.59


The main social network that I have been using throughout my FMP project (YouTube: Social Video Blogging), this network has enabled me to become more socially aware of the dependance of having a following for work that depends on gaining views, appealing to communities of people who like YouTube and it’s variety of video bloggers. Having this website has allowed me to also be able to create an entire project that is completely different to anything I have ever done before. Through trial and error, the videos that have been produced have changed and gone from strength to strength through gaining feedback from various other networks as well as from specific individuals who either know about my ability or know about YouTube and what would fit best into the project that I am focused on.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 11.53.02

Personal YouTube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/JoshFarmz


364MC: Official Professional Portfolio

The final decision to go for a website enabled me to focus on the beginning of my career, focus on the entire scope of my website; that being a place to gather all of the work from my media production degree, professional work from various influences and also featuring some of the content from the social video blogging: YouTube project. The website has ended up being better than I initially expected with an enormous appeal to the specific targeted market, as well as having it tie together with my final production of the YouTube videos. The main concept of the website was for it to be minimalistic yet bright, bold, different and exciting; with the end result exceeding all of these  and more. Here is the complete guide and evaluation of the website, how feasible it is in regards to myself professionally and how I plan on exposing the website as well as how I plan on maintaining it in the future.

Find the completed professional portfolio for myself, Joshua Farmer here –



The entire page is focused on presenting the website’s concept on one page. Everything that the website has to offer is on this page, it informs the visitor what the website is about and why it has been produced as well as enticing them in to take a better look at what there is to offer. I have wanted to keep the entire website minimal, yet effective and through having the theme of colour and bold texts; the idea went out of the window. The idea to feature an image in the background of each page of the website enables the visitors to gain a sense of consistency of content, in the sense that everything on this website is to do with Joshua Farmer and his media work as a professional. I have always thought that in order to be able to sell yourself, you should present your work in the way in which suits you best as a person. I am a very happy and positive person and by having colour, big images and videos and various bold texts throughout the website, my personality shines through.

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 17.48.44


Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 17.49.27

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 17.49.07


In every website, it is imperative to feature information on the person who has created and developed it. I have a strong belief in presenting yourself in the best possible way, so to live up to my own standards there had to be certain things included in the biography about myself and my media work. The website is a labor of love, a beacon for the work that I have and will continue to put out there for public consumption. Ensuring that the passion, drive and hopes for the media industry shine through is of the most importance here; as well as providing a sense of who I am to give the entire website a more approachable and appealing form of media. This page features three images that appear throughout the website, as well as all the information about myself and the website.

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 17.49.47


The most important piece of the website has become far more detailed than I had initially thought. In order for the page to be right, there had to be a number of key ingredients to make it work. The fact that my entire FMP is based around the idea of video blogging and how social networks play a key role in vlogging’s existence; it is crucial to get the page right. In the beginning of the planned website, there would be just a paragraph explaining the website and then a link to subscribe and to the actually YouTube channel. Now there is a great amount of detail, almost the entire YouTube catalogue is featured with a bigger paragraph and effects featured. This my most favourite page on the website, all the work that has been done outside of this website comes together finally and I am able to see how much I have done. This is also a page that is going to help build stamina in favour of myself and my career, it sets me aside from anyone else who may be applying for roles within the media industry. Standing out is important, this website and this page specifically definitely achieves that.

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 17.50.04

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 17.50.21


To provide a sense of the kind of work that gets done by myself, how effective university has been for me and to actually show work that I have developed is important to this page. Though there may be aspirations to work in a specific part of media, there is the all important matter of focusing on pieces of work that is beyond those guidelines. I feel that it is all about exposing the best efforts throughout the degree as well as maintaining a sense of my potential as  a media producer. The page is laid out to present the biggest and best pieces of work that have been completed in the last three years, they all show different skills and development. It is a great page to show my work and the potential of myself, my abilities and aspirations. There are also links to every piece of work that is featured.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 12.44.42


To provide more of an entire look into the past three years doing a media production degree; including the links and descriptions to all of the blogs that have been coincided with the work on the degree was something that felt necessary for the beginning of the website. These links help to provide the visitors and professional employers to see how much work has been done, the effort involved and the care take to dedicate so much work into three blogs that have so much content on them. A sort of behind the scenes inside view of the work that has been completed to gain a degree.

The link to the newest blog is also featured, as it is going to become a blog dedicated to the adventures of myself as I move to New York City for six months. Continuing and developing this blog is the first step into a new world of self discovery as a human but more importantly as a media producer in an entirely different and more demanding playing field.

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 17.50.58


A simple page, with all of the necessary information in the middle of the page. The focus of this page is to maximise the potential of gaining contact from the visitors of the website, there are a number of different ways to get in contact; with potential for emails to be sent directly to me too. Having a too many contact links made the page crowded and confusing, the main and most used forms of communication have been included on this page; which is similar to the about page in terms of design and images used. There is also a link to the YouTube channel itself incase there is a last minute decision to subscribe the the videos that are released weekly.

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 17.51.23

In conclusion the website exceeded my initial plans of having a simple and obligatory website, it went on to become a vessel for not only my media work; but or myself as an individual. The effort that has been put into making the website perfect has paid off, it has become a better website than anything else I have done before on Wix and will serve me well in the future. I plan on continuing with the website with updates every week following submission. I also intend to add a lot more to the website once I am able to expand my media portfolio.

364MC – Ruth Peters-Train Interview

Since the discovery of one of my neighbours being a successful and well known Production Manager within the television industry, an obsession with finding out more on her career began. Becoming more focused on the television aspect of media production, I decided to make sure that the work that

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Ruth and I were unable to meet in person; but maintained a constant email chat back and forth throughout the duration of gaining the required information and advice off of her. The initial plan was to meet with Ruth in person and have the planned interview filmed with the sound recorded for a possible audio blog too. Myself and Ruth have expressed the importance of the interview, no matter what.

Providing Ruth with all of the questions all in one go was tricky, with her being busy most of the time; I had to filter through the one hundred questions that I wrote up in preparations for the sit down filmed interview that was planned with her. The role that Ruth has demands a great deal of dedication, commitment, determination and skill set. I had to make sure that everything that I wanted to find out could be achieved in a short amount of time, the questions below are the key to me finding out everything about her career and how a production manager working within the BBC finds time to develop and nurture a long and established career.

The final questions given to Ruth for the interview, the ones that she felt comfortable answering:

  • Explain your role(s) and experiences, as well as your main priorities.
  • What brought you to a career in television?
  • How did you begin your journey of television?
  • How did school, college or university effect your life goals?
    • Did these have any part in where you are now in TV?
  • What are your highlights to working in TV?
    • How much did you enjoy being a part of Eastenders? Especially around the controversial story lines; does it add pressure to the whole crew?
  • Have you ever thought more about film, has it ever appealed to you and if not then why and if yes then how so?
  • Has it been a tough road to getting to where you are now in your career?
  • Has having other commitments outside of the job been a challenge? Is there always a juggle between dedicating so much of yourself to the roles in TV.
  • Would you ever want to continue to progress in TV? How feasible is it?
  • Are you able to work your way up within the TV industry in decent time?
    • competition?
  • If you could go back and tell yourself something now, what would you say?
    • ​Would you do anything differently? any advice to yourself now?

The complete unedited response from Ruth regarding the questions that I asked her to answer:

  1. Explain your role(s) and experiences and your main priorities – Production Manager: to manage the production and ensure it runs smoothly. To put on screen what the script dictates and the directors vision, but within the budgetary constraints.
  2. What brought you to a career in television? – Originally trained as Make-Up and special effects.
  3. How did you begin your journey of television? – As above. Came through the route of Make-Up artist.
  4. How did school, college or university effect your life goals? Did these have any part in where you are now in TV? – No.
  5. What are your highlights to working in TV? – My entire career.
  6. How much did you enjoy being a part of Eastenders? Especially around the controversial story lines; does it add pressure to the whole crew? -I’m sorry I cannot talk anymore about EastEnders due to confidentiality. You have my notes from when I saw you last about what I did there.
  7. Have you ever thought more about film, has it ever appealed to you and if not then why and if yes then how so? – I have worked on Film but not recently. TV is actually harder to work in.
  8. Has it been a tough road to getting to where you are now in your career? -Working in TV & Film is a tough road full stop. I have got to where I am because I’m good at what I do. It’s important you treat everyone equally on a unit whether they are a tea boy or a Producer.
  9. Has having other commitments outside of the job been a challenge? Is there always a juggle between dedicating so much of yourself to the roles in TV?Yes but that was a personal choice.
  10. Would you ever want to continue to progress in TV? How feasible is it? – It’s very feasible but again I have made a personal choice to slow down.
  11. Are you able to work your way up within the TV industry in decent time? – Yes but you won’t become a Producer overnight. You need to experience every role to appreciate what that person does. You’re only as good as your last job. Leave on a bad note and that will stick with you forever.
  12. If you could go back and tell yourself something now, what would you say? – No. Happy with what I’ve achieved.

Thanks Josh!

364MC: 10 Professional Contacts For My Future

This contact list has been a real testament to my time as a media professional. Throughout my last three years at university it has been my privilege to work and be taught by so many different and charismatic people. I have made many different connections through being at Coventry University and have met some very interesting people along the way. I look back on my time in this degree as the starting point of my career, it is the time to make connections to not only gain a better chance at success but to truly be able to take this entire practice seriously and professionally as so many forget to do.

These ten professionals I have isolated are all different when grouped together, but apart they have all played a different role in helping me to reach my decision of wanting to pursue a career within the television industry. I have been in contact with them all and have gained a small group of contacts that I feel would be able to help me to get where I want to be. I am about to embark on one of the biggest steps in my professional life and this list is the key to me gaining the opportunities and possible job offers in the near future.

Here is the list of ten media professionals that I deem to be appropriate in being able to help, guide and propel myself into a career within the media; specifically television within the not too distant future.

Ruth Peters-Train: Production Manager

The contact that I have had the most time with and who I have had the most contact with in regards to this professional module is a television production manager, Ruth Peters-Train. Having met her through a neighbour in my hometown, I have been able to meet with her and have a informal discussion about my future and my career; how I should approach everything and what the key points are to gaining the job that I desire. She has been a true help and has been an inspiration to me. Ruth has not only got the job that I want to see myself in ten years time, but she also is working on a TV show that has to be one of my favourites and one of my own inspiring forms of television; Eastenders. She is basically like a rockstar to me, she has done a lot of the jobs that I find to be so exciting and interesting. Ruth definitely has the ability to become a decent contact for me within the business, she not only has had a string of successful roles in the TV industry; but she also runs a number of other businesses outside of her chosen career as a hobby.

A career that spans more than twenty years, Ruth has had the most experience within TV than any of my other contacts. Providing me with a ton of advice, Ruth has been able to give me advice on how to proceed into a career in television as well as assisting me in gaining a true sense of why I want to be in TV and where I see myself in ten years time. As a production manager, Ruth has had a great sense of how television works and what it takes to really make it in this industry. My interview with Ruth allowed me to become more aware of how to portray myself to my future employers as well as focusing on how to present my work that I have done as part of my degree.

Through determination and a lot of handwork, Ruth explained to me that it is truly about focus and love in a job that isn’t always what it seems. Staying grounded and understanding that a lot of hard work is required within the television industry is one of the vital pieces of advice that Ruth gave me.

The full interview with Ruth Peters-Train can be found here – https://joshuafarmeryear3.wordpress.com/2014/04/30/361mc-ruth/

John Dalzeil: Radio & TV Presenter 

In the second year module of finding professional experience, I failed to gain some work with John and his radio team. John is the lead presenter and one of the producers of the local radio station Free radio. He and his small team are known for bringing the radio station to the top of the ratings chart with local listeners since he took over the role a few years back. Having been in contact with him about work experience, I was directed to Tom the producer who was able to help me with gaining some information about the roles that they have there for students as well as possible job opportunities in the future.

The link to Free Radio’s Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/wearefreeradio?fref=ts

Failing to get into the Free radio station in time for the work experience programme allowed me to begin to contact the production team on a regular basis. I have plans to apply again for possible work experience with the radio station in order to gain some effective knowledge on how radio works and what a producers main role in this particular form can be. I want to be able to do some radio with my career and find it to be a possible route to take as well as television.

TV and Radio are relatively close together in the industry and becoming far more adaptable and open to working in either fields is something that John advised me on. Discussing options of further work in his company and his plans for setting up a production company allows me to know that my persistence with him and his producer co-worker is not in vein. I keep these contacts close, especially through my time at Coventry University as it allows me to be able to find work and further contacts locally. I am hoping for some work to come my way in any form from them, soon.

Nick McKieren: Cinema/Film Manager – 

A cinema owner in Manchester that I have visited a number of times. Through a fellow student who studies media. Nick allowed me to work in his cinema for a few days over the summer last year, becoming able to see not only how a cinema works in the media business; but how important it is to get work produced and seen, making it visible to the public. It opened my eyes to see how the various platforms for films are so different in style and technique, I gained a lot of knowledge of how a cinema functions; as well learning a great deal of promotion techniques and how the major film companies and brands market their films. Promotion is key in learning how to brand yourself. I began to design plans for a website following this experience as it was the beginning of becoming an entity of producing media. Nick also presented the idea to me of having more than one focus on work, for example like a movie that is being presented and ready for release, there are a number of promotional tactics that can be used.

Nick has since sold his cinema and has moved entirely into managing his own small film company, which is due to be set up officially in summer 2014. I have reached out to him for any possible help that he may need with promoting his company and look forward to working with him professionally again.

Jason Martin: Gaffer/Film – 

A relatively new contact that I have been speaking to in regards to work experience opportunities. I was introduced to Jason through Lauren Thatcher, a fellow contact on this list. Lauren and I shadowed Jason through a number of his jobs in the summer of 2012, seeing how important networking is and how Jason’s main role is to keep up to date with everything going on in regards to his roles and other opportunities. He maintains a high status among various networks. Jason and a gaffers main role is key lighting; working alongside the cinematographer, but with Jason and his extended roles within a production I was given the chance to work with fellow runners and producers, with also meetings with the assistant directors. Jason has provided me with plenty of advice through email since not being able to find time to follow him on his other jobs during my time at university.  Experiencing a set on a large scale is something that has also been a priority as I enter the professional TV and film industry.

Alexander Holland: Viner & Director – 

Meeting Alexander and working with him for a few weeks in 2013 was a privilege and a huge learning curve for myself and my outlook on my professional media practice. I worked with him as a part of his production team during development for his final media production project, ‘Everything Is Fines’. The short film (that is yet to be officially released) was a huge part of his professional career and his entire media production degree. Since then Alexander has gone onto work further into the social media aspect of media production, with a Vine account.

Working as the production assistant, sound mixer and runner at the same time; there was a lot to do and a lot to learn in a short space of time. Alexander ensured that I was comfortable and knew what I was doing throughout the shoot of the film, as well as maintaining a professional outlook on how I could offer more to the production. I learnt a lot about becoming more suitable for various roles, by learning how to become capable at something very quickly and efficiently.

“Joshua got involved with my short film and took the position of runner, but during the shoot due to crew complications Joshua stepped in filling many roles. He showed great initiative and a fantastic work ethic, being both keen and willing to do any task given to him.” – Alexander Holland, Alexanderdholland@gmail.com.

Alexanders profession from student into media professional has seemingly gone smooth. He has worked on a number of film based projects whilst developing his status on the social media app Vine. A way in which to share videos, much like YouTube. I have continued confidence in my ability to make this final project something special and speaking to Alexander has made me focus on the outcome of what I am expecting. The multi media platform for myself is also something that he too is developing, with his Vine account it allows him to not only expand his skills set through the app; but also come to find a great deal of people who are professional and doing the same. I have had similar experiences. Vine is a good way to produce a following and Alexander has done it.

The trailer for the short film – ‘Everything Is Fines’ – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PulMRlS9xAM

Alexander’s Vine account – https://vine.co/u/953351596736204800

Lauren Thatcher: Photographer – 

Meeting Lauren has been one of the most rewarding experiences throughout my time doing this media production degree, especially within this professional practice portfolio module. Having worked with her countless times in regards to photography throughout these past three years, a friendship has formed. Lauren studies Photography at the university and has found working with me rewarding as well, through me being able to help her in her video productions of work and also through promotions of working together in various media forms.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 13.44.25

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 10.04.39

I have extended this contact for the future as we both go separate ways into the career. We plan on working together in the next couple of weeks for an exhibition that involves her work in photography that will require some video pieces to coincide with the work, I am being told that the plan is to focus on exposure through the elements of the entire media business. Maximising the market and it’s potentials for the exhibition that is coming soon. We have worked together on PicBod exhibition, Fancy Love? TV show that I directed, countless photography sessions as well as much more.

Harley Walker: YouTuber –

Since beginning the final media production project ‘YouTube: Social Video Blogging’, I have been able to develop contacts with fellow YouTubers, other video bloggers. The chance to develop contacts within the social media site that I am basing my work around is key to being able to work effectively together with others who either do something completely different to what I may be doing, or something that could be a collaborative piece of work done together. YouTube is all about video sharing.

Harley is a new YouTuber who started to vlog a little after the development of my project for YouTube. Having decided to do something outside of his normal lifestyle he had grown accustom to, Harley set himself the challenge of having a prosperous YouTube channel to coincide with his work at school. Seeing his videos and getting to know what kind of approach that he is taking allowed me to be able to get in contact with him and develop a friendship of sorts in order to be able to work together in the future. Harley belongs to a number of YouTube partnerships (other channels) that are all collaborative with other YouTubers, he is also an up and coming media student himself. Working with Harley has only recently become a possibility, due to our work loads with other projects and University; the idea is to create a collaborative video in the near future. We have spoke about developing something together and working together frequently, but only recently has the talk turned into an actual opportunity.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 13.02.44 Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 13.03.04Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 13.16.55Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 13.02.36

His growing channel and his developments in his following is similar to mine, with his channel beginning to see more views and more subscribers every day; Harley has credited his persistence to getting to where he is now in his YouTube career. Being able to help Harley has also been something that has worked for the both of us in positive ways; by explaining to him all about my final media project and how I have developed a multi media platform for my work and my YouTube videos, he has begun to work towards building a brand and building a better profile for himself and his work. I can say that being able to get to know a fellow YouTuber and someone who has also started around the same time as me has helped the both of us to gain a perspective of YouTube and how it works. We often give each other tips about videos and have shared thoughts on each others work continuously.

Myself and Harley often share videos that we have come to find on YouTube, discussing the videos that have been popular recently and what we would do to change them and how we would do them ourselves. It’s a good way to find ideas, gain a sense of what topics are trending and also what others may think of the videos that you have planned.

Having Harley Walker as a contact for the future development of my career is nothing but positive. We are working together to help make each other better and we are hoping to be able to actually work together in the future, when the time is right. We have been sharing ideas on ways to collaborate and also how we could work together outside of YouTube also. The videos that we have been discussing are ones that either are typically seen on YouTube, but also we have discussed the idea of doing a response video LIVE for YouTube. Something that hasn’t really been done before. Harley does frequent LIVE discussion videos for his followers on all social media, through you now (something I have only just been introduced to). http://www.younow.com is a website for broadcasting live, anywhere and at anytime. He is helping me to become better at developing ideas and seeing that not everything will work, by changing particular things in a video can give it an entirely different feel and scope. I have only positive things to say about my contact with Harley and thank him for his help during this process of YouTube vlogging, it hasn’t been an easy road.

Here is the first video from Harley’s channel that I found when searching for fresh ideas – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ky5wH-HnmLQ

This is the video that I produced following discussion with Harley on his idea on this topic – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7H7ry4AuF1I

Karen Arrand: Tutor & Media Producer –

The most helpful and positive influence through my degree is Karen Arrand, a lecturer and former television and radio producer. A contact that I plan on maintaing from my time at Coventry University. Karen has offered me great advice throughout my time as a student and have always gone to her with any production issues or questions about TV or Radio. I am to keep in contact with her in regards to working in TV, as well as having her as a contact for my work that she has helped me with; YouTube. Finding someone who understands and gets the vision of everything that you do is generally a good feeling. Karen is also the main supporting factor for my project ‘YouTube: Social Video Blogging’, telling me to follow my gut and do the work that would make me the happiest and proudest, the work that would show of my talents and production abilities.

Jeff Pan: New York City Connection & Employer – 

Looking into doing something more than just moving home following the end of University, I have organised and been hired in a job in New York City. Working with Jeff Pan and his company BNAIP (British North American Internship Program) in gaining a position to work there has been a challenge, but something that is going to prove to be a once in a lifetime opportunity for not only me personally, but career wise; it’ll do wonders for my CV. Gaining the job was fairly simple, with the interview process taking a few weeks in order for them to find the right people for each specific role. I applied through the website and was in frequent contact with Jeff as well as other former employees who assisted with the application and any questions that were needing to be answered.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 14.00.48 Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 14.01.02

For six months I will be in the US, working and experiencing the American culture; which is something that I have always wanted to do when I come out of full time education. Finding this specific role though is something that is going to be life changing, with the normal job working with Jeff and his associates at the BNAIP offices, the program includes an internship with the chosen company that is closet to the degree of the applicants. Jeff has explained to me that the company will offer myself and the other workers the chance to gain an internship with a company which works in the category of the degree that each of us will have; meaning a media internship is on the cards for me in none other than New York City itself.

Deciding to do this program has not been an easy thing to decide, but by finally having it all sorted; the journey into the unknown is something that excites me as a media professional. This is where the real work begins, my career starts the moment I arrive in the US. I aim to get the most out of this experience, with the opportunity for me to gain more work in the US following the internship with the company that Jeff finds me most suited.

Whilst in the US, I will also be focusing on continuing to develop my YouTube channel out there; for my UK subscribers but also for the US subscribers who may not know of me and my channel yet. Broadcasting my work to different markets and audiences is always a challenge, but with being in America for six months; there is the opportunity to work with people who aren’t available when not in the US as well as professionals who are also doing something similar to mine. Building a brand in a new country is going to be my main focus, creating new and exciting content that incorporates the country I will be living in, whilst still maintaining the YouTube channel for the UK.

David Rourke – Film Extra Co-ordinator 

The longest contact that I have had (since 2006), David is a family friend who has worked in the film industry for a number of years.  Having gone through him to find out about a number of films in production close to my hometown, I have been a part of a number of films as an extra and find it to be a good way in which to observe a set and how everything works. I did this more so towards the middle of my school years as part of a hobby, but also to gain more knowledge on what path to go down within the media industry. I plan to get back into this field of work for a short time when I return back to the UK. David is an open door into the film extra roles, he is also a key figure for me to gain a perspective of having film be an option for myself and career.

Son Of Rambow (The first motion picture I was an extra in) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnVt0tqT7YQ

I see all of these contacts as having a beneficial service towards myself and my media production career. I have made sure that there is not only a variety, but a selection of contacts that have a diverse and eclectic skills set that are sure to benefit me in the long haul. I am looking to be able to gain work experience from many of these contacts, seeing as though many pf them have either provided me with it already or expressed interest in me and my work; I plan on using this group of professionals to the best of my ability as well as theirs. The future is bright.

361MC: YouTube Video 6 – Treatment & Reflection

The biggest journey of my life so far is about to become public knowledge with the release of this video, secrets discovered and truths told. This video changed everything!

The most personal and direct video yet from the project, this has become a video that has been planned for months and is finally being able to be released. From moving to a new country to telling every viewer of my future intentions is a deep and meaningful thing to do, something that demands scope and vision and sheer courage for the FMP project. 

The sixth video of the YouTube collection brings a sense of humanity to the audience, a personal and emotional video which is something that has not been done before by myself on this project. Having chosen to take a step away from the usual video that this channel has become custom to seeing two days out of the week, it was as big risk to take so early on in the channel’s growth, though one which ultimately paid off.

Bringing the audience in closer to the subject in the video is something that many YouTuber’s do and isn’t a typically big thing to do either. It’s normal. The idea that the farmzboi channel would release something that is different to what the viewers are used to seeing is something that can be liberating for the creator but also a risk to take when the videos have yet to have that personal touch to it in regards to emotions of how Joshua Farmer . This project has been going on for long enough for the videos to begin to change, to have videos that are more about the person in the videos. This video that has been released is the first step in gaining a more universal feel to the channel and allow the subscribers to see that this channel is going into a new direction.

This video is a collaboration with the professional portfolio module, with my career a new main focus at this stage of the degree; there has been a huge shift in how I look at myself and my work. Heading to America is the first step in discovering myself in a professional manner, the new focus is mainly my ability to work and adapt to the media workplace within a different culture. Professionally this is going to allow myself to develop my skills learnt on this degree as well as gaining experience overseas. The ability to do this at such an early stage in my newly found career is a brilliant opportunity. I have made a conscious effort to allow this to be a collaborative piece of work throughout it’s development.

The video is used as an announcement video, one that is typically seen on YouTube. These particular videos are known for either their over the top approaches, or their plain simplicity for using YouTube as an opportunity to tell the world their news. It can be said that this video is something that could only work at this stage of the project, as the following of the channel has increased; so has the activity of responses and awareness. This video in particular has become a prime example of where this channel is heading to into the future. This video is the beginning of my extension of myself and my personality, there is to be a bigger approach to making videos personal to me and how I see things.

*UPDATE* – With the video having been released for three days now, it has officially broke many of the channel’s records. The video gained over one hundred and fifty views within the first twenty four hours, two hundred and thirty in the second day of release and over three hundred views on the third day. The video has so far reached ten likes with only one dislike (a personal record since for most likes). The number of subscribers increased also, with three new people choosing to subscribe. The video has gathered a huge following since it’s release, which is truly a testament to my dedication and sheer determination to create content that will bring in the viewers.