361MC: Research & Development – Communication Theory

The importance of communication through media is vital. There is this human requirement to have an online presence in this demanding media orientated world that we find ourselves in. Understanding how people communicate is key to gaining more knowledge on social networking and their affluences on behaviour, specifically when looking at how social media can take a toll on society as a whole. In regards to YouTube, there is a vast majority of communication that can be associated with communisation theory and how vital it can be when looking at our culture today.

Our general use of language through the power of speech has become a enormous and credible way in which to speak your mind. YouTube is aiding the people by giving them the ability to use the power of speech in a new and exciting way that has not been possible in the past. YouTube is a video sharing site that allows anyone, anywhere in the world the chance to have a voice; to speak up. Billions of people use YouTube everyday and it has become an institute in itself through it’s sheer power of accessibility, there is no limit to how many people who would be able to access your coming out video or your video on domestic violence, the sky is the limit when it comes to YouTube.

Langauge is the human need and ability to access difficult and different forms of communication, with YouTube in particular driving a new and modern way in which to communicate. There is no limit to the potential that this social network has on our culture.

The way in which to use a YouTube video and effectively use the communication theory is in essence to be yourself. Though no apparent reason there is the ability for anyone to video blog for a hobby and even a career as YouTube continues to develop it’s partnerships with it’s users. Injecting the use of language through a video is something that every video on YouTube will have, its natural and something that is entirely necessary for YouTube to even function. In the millions of videos that are uploaded every day to the video sharing site, they all have the important ingredient of language, not specific to one but to the thousands of different ones that are in our entire cultures all around the world. The relationships that are formed through language and communicating is the biggest asset to YouTube’s beneficial outcomes of it’s social networking abilities.

Body Language is also a huge aspect of successful YouTube videos, through being socially and linguistically approachable, there is also the need for the approachability in the videos through body language and overall approachable attitude to allow viewers to want more and to choose to come back when newer videos become available. Body language is all about attitude, which ultimately provides a want and unaware need to want to find out more about the person featured in the videos.

The non-verbal form of communication is the unspoken intentions of someone who comes into contact with others. Through this term, it can be understood that the main way in which it can be applied to the YouTube project, is through the person(s) who is featured in the video itself. Through the ability of communication YouTube is continuing the development of our culture through new and exciting modern ways.

I intend on applying communication theory to my FMP, as it is a vital piece of providing not only a real and effective outcome; but also it enables the video to become engaging for the audience. The videos will benefit from knowing that through communication of the traditional ways are still in tone and a required element even though it is of an online nature. There is the constant need for communication and through the online world is becoming the popular and most desired way to find new relationships and content.


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