364MC: Portfolio In Practice – Public & Professional Opinions

Having developed and finished the website as part of presenting myself professionally for a future career in the media industry, I arranged for a number of people to look at the site and express thoughts and tidbits towards the overall impression of the website; it’s ability to promote and explain Joshua Farmer as a media producer and how effective it is in conveying my passion and pure determination for my chosen career. I have made a strong effort in gaining useful and honest feedback from everyone that has come into contact with this website, I want to use it as one of the main focuses of my professional career; something to assist me in gaining a job outside of this degree. Having it there is something that will only get better in time, with constant updates and new content added onto it; there is no reason why this website wouldn’t be anything but positive for me when it comes to being seen as a media professional, to be taken seriously.

Comments From Fellow Media Producers: Peers, Friends & Family

Having finalised the website and focused on it being the main piece of the portfolio, I designed a space specifically for the website to be showcased for my peers and friends within the university to witness all of the hard work that has been put into the website. This showcase in particular was something that allowed students of any profession and any year to come and see the work and what they thought about it the entire website, I made sure that there was a healthy mix of people coming to see the work and not just a mix of people that may not provide viable reflections. Allowing many students to come and see the work, I was able to gain a bigger idea of what needed to be changed; what worked and what didn’t work as well as identifying the key strengths and weaknesses within the website. The general consensus that I received was that the website worked smoothly and efficiently, it was not a big website which helped with it focusing on the messages that were being conveyed and the overall tone and themes of the website worked together well to create a well exhibited piece of work. With the slight alterations here and there, which were mainly on alignments and changes to the texts.

Overall the website is a success from the eyes of students from Coventry University, a hurdle has been passed.10306267_10152126049342831_1716672686101460951_n 10325795_10152136288907831_5012446595833516330_n

Moving the website online and into it’s permanent URL home, I used the social media platform set up for the YouTube project to catapult the website onto peoples screens. Having made sure that feedback was given through the social media sites too, there was an even better chance of having the website critiqued one final time before everything was finalised and locked down. The website is something that can always be changed, so in order to make sure that little changes only need to be made, this screening of all of the work is important for the future development. Moving online with the website and having it go live for the entire world to see was an exciting experience. Taking to twitter and Facebook to gather feedback virally meant being able to have those who may not know me provide feedback. Feedback from Twitter was especially useful, specifically from a peer and fellow media producer; who gave me frank advice on how to improve the website and maximise it’s potential of really being able to work for myself and my work. The issues that she highlighted    To have people comment on my work is completely a nerve wrecking experience, but also an opportunity that I feel every media producer needs for their work. The website is a labor of love that can be useful for myself and my future career as it focuses on the work that I have produced over the years as well as the main focus of the social video blogging. This website has to be effective in order to propel me into a wider and more appealing way.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 17.18.50

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 17.19.14

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 17.19.29

Comment From A Media Professional: Ruth Peters-Train

Ruth has helped me throughout a number of moments throughout my final project, allowing her to gain more of a perspective and overall scope of my approach towards the future of my production career; having her comment on my website and how it worked for presenting myself for production roles and how the website as a whole works in ways to sell myself.

Ruth was brief yet effective in regards to the feedback that she provided me for the website, but very effective.

“Your website is very bright and colourful, something that stands out to me immediately. I feel as though the images and text are specifically a stand out. It sells yourself very well Joshua, you just need to keep in mind that this is a vital piece to people hiring you in the future. So you need to constantly be updating. Keep up the YouTube videos, it makes you stand out as an individual; which is always a selling point. Well done and good luck with everything, maybe we will work together one day!”. – Ruth Peters-Train, Production Assistant.

Overall the response to the portfolio has been positive and encouraging. I can now breathe some relief as to knowing now that this is a piece of work that sells myself well, it is adaptable to various media jobs and those who have had plenty of experience have provided me with positive and happy feedback. I am now looking into the future developments of the website and how it can be altered to change with me as my career develops and thrives. I am hoping to begin to create even more pages for the site and also have the content changing often to ensure that the website stays fresh, as well as focusing on having all of the future YouTube videos featured too.

I am extremely excited to be using this website as I begin a career within the media industry, I see it as a positive and influential part of being able to use it as a selling point of myself and my work.


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