364MC: Official Professional Portfolio

The final decision to go for a website enabled me to focus on the beginning of my career, focus on the entire scope of my website; that being a place to gather all of the work from my media production degree, professional work from various influences and also featuring some of the content from the social video blogging: YouTube project. The website has ended up being better than I initially expected with an enormous appeal to the specific targeted market, as well as having it tie together with my final production of the YouTube videos. The main concept of the website was for it to be minimalistic yet bright, bold, different and exciting; with the end result exceeding all of these  and more. Here is the complete guide and evaluation of the website, how feasible it is in regards to myself professionally and how I plan on exposing the website as well as how I plan on maintaining it in the future.

Find the completed professional portfolio for myself, Joshua Farmer here –



The entire page is focused on presenting the website’s concept on one page. Everything that the website has to offer is on this page, it informs the visitor what the website is about and why it has been produced as well as enticing them in to take a better look at what there is to offer. I have wanted to keep the entire website minimal, yet effective and through having the theme of colour and bold texts; the idea went out of the window. The idea to feature an image in the background of each page of the website enables the visitors to gain a sense of consistency of content, in the sense that everything on this website is to do with Joshua Farmer and his media work as a professional. I have always thought that in order to be able to sell yourself, you should present your work in the way in which suits you best as a person. I am a very happy and positive person and by having colour, big images and videos and various bold texts throughout the website, my personality shines through.

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 17.48.44


Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 17.49.27

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 17.49.07


In every website, it is imperative to feature information on the person who has created and developed it. I have a strong belief in presenting yourself in the best possible way, so to live up to my own standards there had to be certain things included in the biography about myself and my media work. The website is a labor of love, a beacon for the work that I have and will continue to put out there for public consumption. Ensuring that the passion, drive and hopes for the media industry shine through is of the most importance here; as well as providing a sense of who I am to give the entire website a more approachable and appealing form of media. This page features three images that appear throughout the website, as well as all the information about myself and the website.

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 17.49.47


The most important piece of the website has become far more detailed than I had initially thought. In order for the page to be right, there had to be a number of key ingredients to make it work. The fact that my entire FMP is based around the idea of video blogging and how social networks play a key role in vlogging’s existence; it is crucial to get the page right. In the beginning of the planned website, there would be just a paragraph explaining the website and then a link to subscribe and to the actually YouTube channel. Now there is a great amount of detail, almost the entire YouTube catalogue is featured with a bigger paragraph and effects featured. This my most favourite page on the website, all the work that has been done outside of this website comes together finally and I am able to see how much I have done. This is also a page that is going to help build stamina in favour of myself and my career, it sets me aside from anyone else who may be applying for roles within the media industry. Standing out is important, this website and this page specifically definitely achieves that.

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 17.50.04

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 17.50.21


To provide a sense of the kind of work that gets done by myself, how effective university has been for me and to actually show work that I have developed is important to this page. Though there may be aspirations to work in a specific part of media, there is the all important matter of focusing on pieces of work that is beyond those guidelines. I feel that it is all about exposing the best efforts throughout the degree as well as maintaining a sense of my potential as  a media producer. The page is laid out to present the biggest and best pieces of work that have been completed in the last three years, they all show different skills and development. It is a great page to show my work and the potential of myself, my abilities and aspirations. There are also links to every piece of work that is featured.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 12.44.42


To provide more of an entire look into the past three years doing a media production degree; including the links and descriptions to all of the blogs that have been coincided with the work on the degree was something that felt necessary for the beginning of the website. These links help to provide the visitors and professional employers to see how much work has been done, the effort involved and the care take to dedicate so much work into three blogs that have so much content on them. A sort of behind the scenes inside view of the work that has been completed to gain a degree.

The link to the newest blog is also featured, as it is going to become a blog dedicated to the adventures of myself as I move to New York City for six months. Continuing and developing this blog is the first step into a new world of self discovery as a human but more importantly as a media producer in an entirely different and more demanding playing field.

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 17.50.58


A simple page, with all of the necessary information in the middle of the page. The focus of this page is to maximise the potential of gaining contact from the visitors of the website, there are a number of different ways to get in contact; with potential for emails to be sent directly to me too. Having a too many contact links made the page crowded and confusing, the main and most used forms of communication have been included on this page; which is similar to the about page in terms of design and images used. There is also a link to the YouTube channel itself incase there is a last minute decision to subscribe the the videos that are released weekly.

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 17.51.23

In conclusion the website exceeded my initial plans of having a simple and obligatory website, it went on to become a vessel for not only my media work; but or myself as an individual. The effort that has been put into making the website perfect has paid off, it has become a better website than anything else I have done before on Wix and will serve me well in the future. I plan on continuing with the website with updates every week following submission. I also intend to add a lot more to the website once I am able to expand my media portfolio.


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