361MC: YouTube Video 6 – Treatment & Reflection

The biggest journey of my life so far is about to become public knowledge with the release of this video, secrets discovered and truths told. This video changed everything!

The most personal and direct video yet from the project, this has become a video that has been planned for months and is finally being able to be released. From moving to a new country to telling every viewer of my future intentions is a deep and meaningful thing to do, something that demands scope and vision and sheer courage for the FMP project. 

The sixth video of the YouTube collection brings a sense of humanity to the audience, a personal and emotional video which is something that has not been done before by myself on this project. Having chosen to take a step away from the usual video that this channel has become custom to seeing two days out of the week, it was as big risk to take so early on in the channel’s growth, though one which ultimately paid off.

Bringing the audience in closer to the subject in the video is something that many YouTuber’s do and isn’t a typically big thing to do either. It’s normal. The idea that the farmzboi channel would release something that is different to what the viewers are used to seeing is something that can be liberating for the creator but also a risk to take when the videos have yet to have that personal touch to it in regards to emotions of how Joshua Farmer . This project has been going on for long enough for the videos to begin to change, to have videos that are more about the person in the videos. This video that has been released is the first step in gaining a more universal feel to the channel and allow the subscribers to see that this channel is going into a new direction.

This video is a collaboration with the professional portfolio module, with my career a new main focus at this stage of the degree; there has been a huge shift in how I look at myself and my work. Heading to America is the first step in discovering myself in a professional manner, the new focus is mainly my ability to work and adapt to the media workplace within a different culture. Professionally this is going to allow myself to develop my skills learnt on this degree as well as gaining experience overseas. The ability to do this at such an early stage in my newly found career is a brilliant opportunity. I have made a conscious effort to allow this to be a collaborative piece of work throughout it’s development.

The video is used as an announcement video, one that is typically seen on YouTube. These particular videos are known for either their over the top approaches, or their plain simplicity for using YouTube as an opportunity to tell the world their news. It can be said that this video is something that could only work at this stage of the project, as the following of the channel has increased; so has the activity of responses and awareness. This video in particular has become a prime example of where this channel is heading to into the future. This video is the beginning of my extension of myself and my personality, there is to be a bigger approach to making videos personal to me and how I see things.

*UPDATE* – With the video having been released for three days now, it has officially broke many of the channel’s records. The video gained over one hundred and fifty views within the first twenty four hours, two hundred and thirty in the second day of release and over three hundred views on the third day. The video has so far reached ten likes with only one dislike (a personal record since for most likes). The number of subscribers increased also, with three new people choosing to subscribe. The video has gathered a huge following since it’s release, which is truly a testament to my dedication and sheer determination to create content that will bring in the viewers.


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