364MC: Portfolio Development & Research

Portfolio: a set of pieces of creative work intended to demonstrate a person’s ability to a potential employer.

A portfolio is a brilliant way to showcase work, not only is there a great amount of ways to create one; but also it is a perfect way to present yourself in a professional manner. Having decided to focus on creating something that would not only serve me well for my final media production project; but for the entire catalogue of work that I have come to produced in the last three years. Specifically, creating a website that presents Joshua Farmer in the right manner is of the up most importance; as this is going to be something that will serve past the media production degree and into the entire future of my producing career.

Deciding to focus solely on developing a website has allowed me to maintain a sense of focus towards selecting all of the best bits of the work that has been produced over the last three years, providing a sense of reality towards the website and not having it be something that looks unprofessional or as though it is simply for this particular module. Taking inspiration from creating websites in the past, I have become accustom to creating something that reflects my personality; all the while still keeping the general message of the website intact. This website is going to be a piece of work that I will use for a number of years, not forgetting that it is going to be a form of contact between me and future employers.

In order for the website to be completely different and far more exciting than any predecessors before them. I will be using the website designing company Wix to complete this particular website. Wix is a generally an easy tool to use and has proved effective for my work before. The ways that the website works is there are either templates or blank pages for the websites to be developed. Having Wix has been very liberating as it is so simple to use, but the outcomes that can be seen are truly inspiring.

Here are examples of my previous work on Wix – http://josh-farmer13.wix.com/jfphotography & http://josh-farmer13.wix.com/fancy-love-farmzmedia & http://josh-farmer13.wix.com/magicnettv

I have managed to find a couple of bold and effective websites that not only look great; but they offer me something more as a visitor, the chance to become engulfed in that persons work and overall media identity. I want to use these examples as a starting point in looking into designs and how to lay out all of the required elements to make the website a success.

Here are the website’s links:




Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 15.15.51

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 15.16.14

This website stood out the most to me, not only has it got an interactive and exciting theme; but the colours work wonders when trying to catch the eye of the visitor. The bright colours are very fitting to the creator and his work, it enables the link between colour an fact to blend well. Seeing this makes me think more about developing my own website to have a colour scheme that not only catches the eye and makes the visitor want to know more about what it is all about, but also entice them into finding out who could have possibly created something so useful and powerful. It truly stands out.

The use of images and links is the main aspect of this website, which again is something that stands out immediately. I aim in creating a website that features a lot of links and images, it is encouraging to know that there is a positive end result when focusing on images and links to various videos for the main focus of a website. The links to all of the social media networks available to the creator is also a very effective and useful touch.

The lack of text on this website is something that would not work in the favour of the portfolio that I am required to design an create. There is a need for information that this website lacks, there is a bit too much cartoon effects which ultimately make it less effective in making the creator look like a professional. Nevertheless it is my favourite website that I cam across and definitely one that has stood out to me and one that has influence me the most when it comes to structure, design and colour.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 15.12.53 Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 15.13.40

The idea of having a website that is focused on having an image focused design is something that i thought about early on. The idea and possibility of having a video focused website too is very appealing. There is a way in which to have everything on the website through images and videos, but the lack of real and useable information would ultimately not work for everyone involved. This website is too complicated to work too, a simple design and navigation bar is what is needed for a portfolio focused website.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 15.13.32

This final website example is very plain and simple, something that appeals to me in a sense of having no clutter or waffle within the images, headings, text and overall content. This website too is colourful, which is something that really works well in my eyes. I intend on using colour and seeing the different ways in which it is use effectively provides brilliant ideas for the design for my own portfolio. Information is key, and here is simply is lacking and not something that helps the website to truly get it’s message through by relying to much on design and technique.


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