364MC: Interview Preperations & Questions

With the interview a week away it has become a constant need for me to focus on what the main priorities are and what outcome this interview with Ruth Peters Train is going to bring myself and my work. It is down to myself to discover everything that I need, I just have to be able to expand on particular tidbits and focus on what this interview is bringing me; knowledge and understanding.

Having sent Ruth a list of some of the questions that I would want to ask her in specific to her roles in the television industry as well as how she began her career. I want to make sure that I gather all of the right information required to ensure that the interview is a success for myself and for Ruth, she has to feel as though she is contributing to something substantial and not just a post on someones blog.

The particular kind of questions that I have deemed appropriate for this kind of meeting are general to the position, but specific where they need to be. Not only am I finding out a lot of information regarding the many roles that she has played within television for the past few decades, but also information on work that she has completed that many may not know about. Wanting to find out more than the obvious is my goal for this case, I want to know more about the specifics of her job; what does and has she had to do to make it to where she is now? What goals does she have for the future? Has she always wanted to work in television. The questions that will provide me with the most fruition is what I aim for in this interview.

As a Production Manager, Ruth deals with a number of people throughout her daily routine. Having spoken to her briefly regarding her role; she has had a number of high profile jobs in the past where she has had to deal with either a lot of people, money or even high profile celebrities. Planning schedules, looking over budgets, recruiting, location scouting/organising, clearing recourses to use and much more; Ruth has had to deal with more than one job in a normal day. Above anything the role that Ruth fulfils is a managing role, meaning she has a number of people who work for her as she works for either executives or other producers. Her role on Eastenders for example was a prime situation where she had a number of roles after her title one. I want to find out more about why she went for the job at this specific show and how it was to work on such a high profile one along the way.

The questions that I have set out for Ruth are all about her and finding out more about the career that she has had and what she has achieved. I want to find out more on specific parts of her job, discovering what it really takes to make it in a job that you love and want to do well in. More questions and discussions will follow, but the questions provided are the main focuses of finding out everything I need to know.

  • Explain your role(s) and experiences, as well as your main priorities.
  • What brought you to a career in television?
  • How did you begin your journey of television?
  • How did school, college or university effect your life goals?
  • Did these have any part in where you are now in TV?
  • What are your highlights to working in TV?
  • How much did you enjoy being a part of Eastenders? Especially around the controversial story lines; does it add pressure to the whole crew?
  • Have you ever thought more about film, has it ever appealed to you and if not then why and if yes then how so?
  • Has it been a tough road to getting to where you are now in your career?
  • Has having other commitments outside of the job been a challenge? Is there always a juggle between dedicating so much of yourself to the roles in TV.
  • Would you ever want to continue to progress in TV? How feasible is it?
  • Are you able to work your way up within the TV industry in decent time?
  • competition?
  • If you could go back and tell yourself something now, what would you say?
  • ​Would you do anything differently? any advice to yourself now?

I will be offering Ruth the option of being on camera or being recorded vocally, I want to be able to have something more to show other than a couple of blog posts, it makes itself more critically viable when there is more substance to take from. Aiming for more is something that is pushing me to do better, I not only want this to be a success; but wanting it to be completely beneficially is truly down to myself and how this approach will work when it comes the time to meet Ruth Peters-Train.


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