361MC: YouTube Video 5 – Treatment & Reflection

Reacting is one of the biggest and funniest things to capture on film. Seeing someone watch the most revolting things the internet has to offer is priceless, put them together and there is a video like no other ready for an up and coming YouTube channel!

This video is all about establishing an ability to take something that has been done before and turn it into something completely new and exciting. Featuring my own mum as a cohost, the video is cringeworthy fun that will have anyone and everyone laughing alongside my mothers horrified face.

Discovery is what the internet is all about, especially when it’s things you would never see in person. Daring to look is something that appealed to me for this video. Do you dare to watch something horrific in order for it to be screened worldwide. Reactions of said discoveries from the internet are there to be filmed, it’s a sort of emotion that just simply has to be captured on camera and shared with everyone.

Through these presumptuous eyes, the video was filmed and produced to serve as another nod to the classic YouTube  videos that have proved to have a cult following over the years. Having more than one video that is of a classic genre of YouTube history allows me to give the viewers a growing sense of occasion, there are the original videos and ones that push the boundaries into new territory of delving into video blogging; with the ones that have been possibly seen before bringing more charisma and a sense of ownership to the videos when some people may have seen ones similar to them before.

This particular video is destined to not be everyones cup of tea, I understood that when filming and production began. However the fact that something like this has not been done in the same style as this, made it even more appealing to do. This video is all about making the most out of watching someone who has not seen the most grotesque yet hilarious videos that the internet has to offer, a simple yet effective way in which to watch a YouTube video.

The video is a reflection on YouTube’s greatest reaction videos. The reaction to this video is designed to be humorous, with the humour and intrigue of the reaction also designed to be something that makes people want more from the channel, as well as thinking do they dare to find the videos that have been watched and look for themselves?

In terms of a specific narrative and how technical this video is, there is little of either. These videos do not require a great deal of specific story to it, the video speaks for itself as in it is a video of someones reaction. Whereas the technical side would be how it is shot and presented to the subscribers. YouTube is not over complicated, there are videos out there that attempt too many things such as extensive shots or complicated editing techniques; this project is simply not about that. It’s about the messages that all of the videos say collectively, that there is an escape and no matter what there is always a place to laugh and express and have fun. This channel is designed to be minimal at all times, it is what makes video blogging so appealing to the audience.


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