361MC: What Makes A YouTube Channel Successful?


It is all about the content. Without a following, videos are not likely to succeed when it is a simple basic and boring video. Focusing on the content is just as important as anything else on this post, if not the most important piece of advice. In finding new and fresh ways to supply YouTube with new content there is bound to be a following created and videos of YouTube to become popular and exceed expectations. It’s all about being unexpected, create something totally and completely unusual and it will without a doubt catch everyones eye.


Find some sort of flow through releasing content regularly, up to once a week with new content will help build a following and create an event moment for when to find new videos on a particular website.


Creating a positive, different and eye catching title for every video is bound to have people wanting to watch and see what will happen. There are often titles that aren’t anything to do with what the video is about due to the want and need for attention towards a particular video.

Description & Tagging

The videos description is just as important as the titles. Key terms and exciting use of language is required as there is a need for the descriptions to be eye popping and a simple taste of what the video entails. Tagging the video is also something that needs to be done right, it is how people are able to find the video through typing in a simple word that is to do with the topic.


Understanding what to actually feature on YouTube is vital. The creator and developer needs to understand how YouTube works, what it takes for a video to do well and also what it means to do different and exciting videos throughout. Having the same sort of video every time a new one is released, it will either find huge success or flop. It is always about establishing yourself and the channel, a following is required in order to find true freedom in what videos are created; however in order to gain a following there needs to be exciting videos planned.


The beginning of each video has to be catchy and eye popping in order to provide the viewers with the desire to want more, to continue to watch and want to look into other videos that have been done as part of the channel. This is something that has to be right otherwise no one is going to want to watch and will become bored within seconds.


The way in which the videos are edited is crucial to a successful YouTube channel. The quick pace of editing has become a custom way in which to edit, throughout the entire website there are video bloggers who are taking this approach. A fast, snappy and fun edit is what should be aimed for in order to find success. Videos generally over six minutes are less likely to maintain viewers unless there is a following having been established.


Using other social networks is vital in order to gain acknowledgment of the project. YouTube channels are in constant need of advertisement and through other social networks is where it can be achieved. Facebook and Twitter are especially useful tools to use to spread the word about a new video that is in need of viewers, likes and shares.

And now…

A fun way at looking at how to make your own channel successful! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LH80bglvQA


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