361MC: YouTube Video 4 – Treatment & Reflection

Animals are always cute, unless they are scratching you to leave them alone! The biggest cat hoarder now opens up and answers all of the important questions about his 3 cats!

In this video, there is a far more personal mood set from the outset. In order to understand the creator of a channel, it’s vital to meet the cats of the family and what they really think about everything going on in todays society, and if they prefer tuna or salmon too. A fun and vibrant happy video that uplifts the channel away from it’s traditional roots and into something different and exciting.

Deciding to focus on something different and exciting is the main aim of this entire project. The latest video is something that finally breaks free of the shackles of the typical YouTube video. Focusing more on personality and expression, it has liberated the idea that this project is not only for video blogging purposes, but something that has to have heart in. To truly work everything has to have a little piece of the creator, something that makes it personal and enticing for the viewer who may have never seen a video from the channel before.

‘My Cats Love Me’ – Joshua Farmer – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXtDYAGJ8Sw

‘My Cats Love Me’ is the offering of a video that is coming from a more personal side of myself. Working towards the hand in of this channel means determining what videos are going to work and what aren’t. Having had a video previously that didn’t work to the best of it’s capability, the reaction was that there was not enough heart. Not enough personality or humour. Every video that is released needs to be self explanatory, it needs to represent what the titles means and how it is going to stand within the other videos.

Collecting a wider range of video blogging videos for a followed channel is becomong more apparent in the social media climate, specifically when it comes to the successful YouTube channels. Having the mind to be able to focus on the audience and their wants and desires out of a 3-4 minute video is something that comes with time. Not only has there been a number of learning curves for myself in this project, but as everything develops and time becomes more of an issue; determining what is going to be on the channel and what isn’t becomes much easier and more treatable. This new video that has been released has been positively received and not only does it allow the viewers to see something that has not been done before on the channel, but it also provides them with more of an insight into who the person is that is creating the videos.

This particular video comes from inspiration (like every other), specifically altered to become more original. YouTube videos are often dedicated to ‘tags’, which is where there are either videos in response to others or ones like this one that adds to the category of the narrative. Tagging a video correctly is the first step to having the video more likely viewed by those who use tags to search for new content. It is one of the most effective ways in which to gain new viewers and to be categorised with other videos of the same particular content.  The animal tag is something that has been popular since YouTube’s origin. Pets are something that make people want to watch, to see something more than just a challenge video. Pets add a sense of humanity to videos.

This video for me is something that does stand out from all of the other videos. Having more of a story focused approach allowed more ideas to flow freely between the production and release of the video. Having it as something that is different will only tell if it works when the view count is in, but hopefully taking more of a risk and choosing to do something more original than anything else that has been done before will prove to be worth it. At the time of writing this the video has been released for two days and has reached 69 views. Focusing on the development of the Facebook and Twitter accounts for this youTube channel seems to be having an effect on my videos, which is thrilling and exciting.

Throughout the research for this video, I found little evidence of a video like the one that is on my channel. I’ve created something that is different and exciting, exactly my words to everyone when I discussed this entire project. The video itself has been shot in a way that not only is easy to watch, but done in a way that will make it appealing to others that have no witnessed videos from me before. I strive to make every video welcoming and eye catching, with the first ten seconds being the most important.

Here are some examples of the pet tag videos that were found in relation to this particular video release.

Kristina UA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wh6GGjOkkOk#aid=P9jdXQHQ8No

Cimorelli – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLEOJF6up-s

Not only are they both different to each other, but they do not feature the specific animals throughout their video. In order to gain an audience for something that they have clicked on, they expect to see what the title explains. In one the animal does not feature heavily in the video (just someone sitting there talking) and the other features a group discussing the animals and all of their memories, possibly something that you would expect; but on reflection I deem my video far more in essence of the animal category than any of the other videos that I discovered.


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