364MC: Finding Gold & TV Decisions

Finding something or someone to help me through this path of getting to where I want to be, professionally has been a challenge. Not only have I wanted to find someone who has sufficient evidence of working within television, but also someone who knows more than just their job. I want knowledge, power, advice. This module is all about creating myself into a professional portfolio, so nothing less than amazing simple would not do. In spite of all of this, I have found gold; someone who not only is in the television industry (and has been for many years) but she works on one of Britain’s biggest TV shows, Eastenders.


Not only has this woman been in the business for years, but unknowingly she has been my close by neighbour for more than six years. Discovering Ruth Peters-Train is simply a sign from heaven, one is ecstatic that someone from such an iconic piece of television is willing to discuss the professional world with me. I have literally struck gold when it comes to structuring myself for this module and my entire working life.

Mrs Ruth Peters-Train has worked and still does to some degree within television for many years. I have been in contact with her and have arranged an interview with her in order for me to truly get a sense of what it takes to make it in television and how someone can build on their working careers to the extent that she has throughout the last thirty years. Not only will I be quizzing her on a number of things regarding the television industry, but also



Having worked more prominently within the TV show Eastenders, Ruth has prominently and famously worked on numerous high profile story lines for the show. Most notably and possibly the biggest would be the ‘Baby Swap’ storyline that proved to be the shows biggest talked about moment in recent years. Gathering more than 10,000 complaints from viewers, the show was under scrutiny for doing such a big and controversial storyline. Dealing with such a high profile job as well as dealing with the demand from the media and public is something that is truly interesting. How much does the world effect a job that millions of people love and cherish? As well as other TV roles, Ruth seems to have a number of stories to tell that will not only benefit from being told to me, but also offer an interesting part towards my portfolio. A gift.

Being able to take advantage of having Ruth so close to my home, it means that I am able to be comfortable with her and not being too wary of what to ask her. Though professionalism is of course one of the main priority. Focusing on the main things to ask her is of course the next step, having recently been confirmed a time and date with her to sit down and discuss everything. I feel as though this is simply one of the most brilliant things that I could do to put towards my portfolio. Not just research of the jobs and positions that are available, but also having an interview and an in-depth discussion to have within my work will only add =credibility to my work and how I intend to truly achieve my goals within the television industry in the future.

Gaining a better understanding and perspective for television work is vital for the future of someone who wants to work within that particular field. Speaking to someone who not only has had huge success, but years of experience too will only help to gather the information that can only benefit myself and my portfolio. I plan on interviewing Ruth and gathering as much information as possible in order to truly get a feel for how much hard work, determination and effort needs to be put into a television career.


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