364MC: New Beginnings

The beginning of this module requires me to know a great deal about starting to push towards presenting myself more professionally mannered and career focused, as well as looking at the skills and knowledge that I have come to use throughout my time studying for a degree and using it to further my chances of creating work that is outstanding and able to push me into a different league than all of my future competitors.

Thinking more and more about this part of the final module, I have wanted to focus more so on my future. Deciding and achieving. The way in which I intend to reach my goals and how viable they truly are to myself and the craft that is media production, is a particular focus of mine. Using this entire experience of this university course as a starting point. Not everything that I have done over these three years has proven successful and I have still a lot to learn for where I want to be in ten years time; not only am I aware of all of this but I wish to use it to my advantage in going forward; out of this university course and into the industry of media production.

  • Ruth Peters-Train: A successful production manager from TV, most notably a producer of Eastenders.
  • 9 other people that have benefitted me in the last three years. Co-workers, peers, mentors and other professionals will be included.
  • Joshua Farmer professional website: A website dedicated to projecting myself in a professional manner, with a contemporary design.
  • Career – focus fully on the entire media production degrees ending and how it will effect my career aspirations.
  • Experience – maximise potential and find some career experience.

I have achieved a lot throughout my time at Coventry University, more than a lot of my peers. I came out of middle school with the aspirations of becoming a media producer in any way possible, with no media experience at all; now with these final few stages of the degree beginning to take shape and this is the final stretch into becoming professionally able and fully confident for the future.


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