361MC: YouTube Video 3 – Treatment & Reflection

The biggest fan of Disney? YouTube has begun to decide with this tag video opportunity!

In this video, Lauren Thatcher returns to cohost in attempt to redeem herself for the ultimate challenge fail. Through Disney we all are kindred spirits and it’s time to take the test to see who can sing the best and who has the best knowledge of all things cartoon.

Sometimes what isn’t meant to be isn’t meant to be, but when it can be; it should be! Having filmed numerous videos throughout the past two months, it has become more and more likely that some do not make the YouTube channel.  From no fault of their own, it simply sometimes does not work out; however this particular video came back to me due to it’s relevance and content as well as it’s hilarity in making.

Joshua Farmer – Crazy Disney Kings

The video is another challenge one, which I was sceptical about releasing; but due to the high view count on the other challenge related videos; I decided to give this footage another look and rejig it to see if it could be a worthy piece of the channel, and it is. Though I will be steering clear of the challenge videos for a while now. Having established a small following I am now steering towards producing the

This video in particular is something that continues on from the last one that was released, that being the dynamic between myself and my housemate Lauren Thatcher. The chemistry behind the camera has grown into a true friendship, so on camera I am more than pleased with how we gel together; it makes for comfortable and familiar viewing. Having a co-anchor or someone featuring on a video with me allows the videos to become more appealing to the general viewer, but also it entices the notion of collaboration.

YouTube is a collaboration in itself, which therefore serves it’s users with the idea that developing more than just a bedroom video is key in creating something memorable.

Development is little in this video, however I feel that moving away from the generic can be seen in this video. I feel more comfortable in front of the camera than normal and see myself growing as a staple figure of this YouTube channel. This particular video is one that had no script or particular development from it, there was a simple idea to do this kind of topic and filming begun immediately. Though this may come across through the video, it is important to note that this kind of thing is always done within video blogging. However, one can assume that this video needs more development in order for it to be on par with others that have been done. Though there is a sense of fresh and The video includes a number of on screen links included, which is a step and a nod in the right direction towards the promotions that this channel is facing on a daily basis. The view count will only help this matter now. Having seen a number of rises in the past couple weeks of the entire catalogue that has been produced, I am hoping that the feedback from this is better to what I think it will be.

Overall this video has allowed me to become more accommodating with my releases. Not only have I become more aware of how editing is incredibly important to my work, but also how no matter how good or bad something may be once filming has finished; it will always be able to be used if persistence and an open mind is ensued. I have learnt more about the scripting process for these kind of videos too. YouTube is a video sharing site that not only has a number of videos like mine already, but more popular ones too. If I am to make a true effort of this then it is key to know my ability in the footage, the ideas as well as knowing my audience, who I am selling this project to and finally what the end result truly is. In time, the viewers will come as will subscribers; it is only when I come to fully and truly know my potential in this project will it truly thrive.

I think the next few videos are going to push the boundaries to what I am used to, this channel is about to get more than a simple challenge video. It’s time to raise my game and become more determined to set my goals on more exciting, different pieces of work for the YouTube social video blogging project that is my FMP.


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