361MC: YouTube Video 2 – Treatment & Reflection

Taking the ultimate challenge by having not one, but SIX challenges all in under six minutes. This video is focused on presenting the pop culture demand of challenge videos and their dominance of the current YouTube communities!

In order to gain a notable video on the YouTube channel, with the help of guest host Lauren Thatcher; we take on YouTube’s biggest and most dangerous challenges to see what all the fuss is about!

To fully understand what it takes to make people click and watch a particular YouTube video is to understand your audience. Not only have I been working towards gaining a clearer vision of how to build upon the videos that have already been created, I have also yet to catch up with the latest video crazes that have gained recognition as well as sending the view counts sky high.

Looking upon the kind of trends that has spread upon YouTube throughout it’s young run since 2005, one of the biggest and most widely associated videos with the typical video blogger is to partake in the latest craze that hits the web. A challenge of some sort. Having seen a number of unusual, funny and sometimes dangerous type of video; it occurred to me to make something my own for the channel. Developing a video that not only features within the category of a popular trend, but one that tackles more than one challenge at time is something that is rarely done.

Enlisting a co-host (Lauren Thatcher) for this video was also something that was of the utter most importance, due to the nature of what the video was being set out to do and achieve. Having found excellence in a partner to bounce off in previous videos, this only made sense to include someone else to help make the video more appealing to my specific audience, but also to anyone else that may discover the video.

The video features a number of specific challenges that have gained momentous YouTube videos dedicated to them since 2011. Not only are they funny to watch, but they are something that not many people do with guts. Having searched the web for a number of key influences, I found little to admire from and to take inspiration. The amount of videos that do these kind of challenges are half hearted, however they do try. I find that doing something is to give it your best efforts, or just do not try it at all.

ULTIMATE CHALLENGE EXTRAORDINAIRES | Joshua Farmer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBXQe2Kz-nA

Featuring the cinnamon, cracker, condom, chilli, salt ‘n’ ice and chugging challenge all in one video allows for not only a grander scale video to be produced, but also a catching up chance for the channel. It’s a statement towards the trends of YouTube, by doing more than one the video is appealing to the enthusiasts who have seen before and know what to expect. Though this may be seen as a disadvantage towards the success of the video, it merely propels it into the minds of those who have seen something like it before. Expectations are broken and the channel is surprising to the audience by how charismatic and unusual the subject is, the people featured in it and how effective a video it is.

Facing a dilemma with the running time (all of the channel’s videos have a guideline of up to 4 minutes, as of February 2014). The length of the video was required for it to be truly effective in what it sets out to do. The length is not a major issue, it’s all about keeping that person who is sitting and has chosen to watch the content to want more; to want to continue to watch the video. It has to become a piece of propaganda towards the entire channel, which is why all of the videos have to be at a specific quality and running time.

Here are some specific videos that have proved popular with audiences around the world, dedicated to the challenges that have also proved popular worldwide by people of all ages.

Glozell Green – “Cinnamon Challenge” –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cyk7utV_D2I

The first is by Glozell, a funny video that has received worldwide recognition. The fakeness of her reaction however ruins the video, not only is she playing up to the camera too much; but she is also not giving a true reaction. Acting in videos is entirely optional, with some specific parts that do work; but it does not offer any tidbits to her true identity and therefore her true reasons for doing the video.

Shane Dawson & Joey Graceffa – “Tin Can Challenge”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLWGxxfvkx0 

A funny and light hearted take on a challenge, definitely something that helped to propel ideas into motion regarding ways in which to film challenges and what works and what doesn’t. Humour is all good, as long it is real and not staged; or when the audience cannot tell if you are being funny or not.

Jenna Marbles – “Photo Booth Challenge” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQq4-3crqGA

Fun and real. YouTube isn’t just about making serious pieces of work, this shows how much fun can be made for anyone to watch in a simple and easy way. A prime example of the videos that have helped push this channel into success. Personality can shine through.

Jamie Ryan Dee – “120 Nugget Challenge”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuaU2mR2Th0

A good idea of a challenge video that has been attempted in different ways. This particular cut is slow paced and often boring. More music and shorter length would have made this more effective.

Overall this video has helped to gain the channel more of a consistent video pattern, with videos like this having been released before it helps to present the idea that not only is there other videos to watch that are different and exciting, but there is familiarity there for the world to enjoy. This video has proved popular in the test screenings that are held for every video before release. I feel that this video is a step away from the norm, there is more natural comedy; which the targeted audience of teens to young adults are familiar with too. Appealing to a wider audience is also something that this video is attempting to do, not only is is featuring more than one focus; but it offers more to the viewers. The dynamic of Lauren Thatcher being in the video only helps propel the video into further comedy, which ultimately is what this entire channel is about. Fun and happiness for a few minutes to distract you. Excitement in numbers, in more ways than one.


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