361MC: Promotion & YouTube

Deciding to take time to focus more on promoting the YouTube channel and it’s videos through various ways; most importantly various social media sites has become a key instigator in providing the channel with a voice. Developing a position within YouTube’s millions of video bloggers is a challenge, but something that can be seen to be progressing as the content continues to become more and more and the following begins to become a key factor in the videos successes.

Choosing YouTube as the main feature of this project is something that always stood out than any other social media site. The video sharing website is the biggest form of it’s kind in the entire world, there is no way that having these videos anywhere else would be feasible. Video blogging practically started on this website, something that has become the norm in modern day society. Through the internet there are may ways in which to express, no matter how much there is to offer someone; there is always going to be a way to do what you want, say what you want and in fact be who you want in various ways. YouTube is a website that not only provides media based content as well as marketing and promotional activity, but content that is original and diverse through the millions of people who are now known as video bloggers, vloggers.

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Throughout this entire degree there has been a Facebook page dedicated to Joshua Farmer and the work that is being produced throughout the media production course. Revamping this page and turning it into a site that is dedicated solely to this final project and a piece of the puzzle towards the portfolio is something that has provided others who may not be subscribed to me a chance to catch up, watch or simply know about that the project is; it’s aims and objectives and how much the YouTube videos are a part of our developing culture in a ever growing media obsessed society. Since the revamp of the page there has been a 418.8% increase in people that are being reached and seeing the videos and YouTube channel, with people giving the page a ‘like’ and choosing to follow the updates and everything going up by 36.7%, from 68 to 91 in the space of two months. Each post that is publicly served reaches between 150 to 500 people, depending on the time of day and the nature of the post. Huge growth and huge potential has been found on this page, which has helped the YouTube channel to only grow in viewers and subscribers; which have grown 32%in the last two months also.

The way in which the entire YouTube project is being advertised to the public and also to those who already are aware of the channel is to enforce it’s reality; it’s true nature. That being how important and adaptable video blogging has become since YouTube founded itself. Through trial and error there are so many ways in which to become enforced in the social media circle, with many getting addicted. The addiction through social media has become a top theory regarding behaviour control and how generations are changing through the form of technology and science. Theory’s do too present the idea of community, which is something that I wanted to become a part of. Through these cameras and through the websites and video sharing techniques, there is a community of people who find video blogging some kind of comfort, interest.



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