361MC: YouTube Video 1 – Treatment & Reflection

Making prank calls with a twist! Speaking popular lyrics to them through the power of speech, whoever gets the prank wins!

Following the topic of challenges, this video dives into the deep end with one of the hardest challenges to pull off successfully. In order for it to become a success, the receiver of the call must not realise that the caller (me) is speaking using sentences from popular songs from the UK Top 40 chart.

The first video that has been created for the YouTube channel focuses on following the popular trend of challenges within the YouTube community. Having proved popular since the development of the challenge video on the video sharing site, I find it to be a compelling and fun way to exercise the generic YouTube video for this project; it’s a perfect way to find an audience for my channel.

Having looked at various videos that bear the same narrative, using them all as the foundation to how to create a typical YouTube video meant the video has the essential ingredients to make it fit in, but also incorporated into it is my own take on the challenge and how I believe it can be portrayed in a simpler and more effective manner. Now, it was inevitable that there would be videos that did it either differently or ones that prove more popular; but with the video that has been created; it has something that I believe makes it stand out.

Lyric Prank Calls – Joshua Farmer

The video has a simple yet effective setup to it due to it’s story familiarity and comedic tone, which not only makes it easier to gain a following and understanding but also a better grasp on how I can develop this YouTube channel further. The setup being the challenge and it’s easy to understand plot. Not only am I offering this video to subscribers, but also to those YouTube watchers who enjoy this particular kind of video. It’s a way in which to promote the channel.

The YouTuber ‘SimplyHaileyy’ created a video that follows this same challenge trend. Having watched this particular video after mine had been released, it brought up a number of issues for me; particularly things in particular that I should develop and learn from.

‘SimplyHaileyy’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nqxf1wpVSFk

The biggest learning curve that I will take away from this particular video (and others that I have watched) is promotion. Throughout videos that I have researched on this entire YouTube project, it has become apparent that promoting in one video is just as important as doing it separately. I will therefore be working towards promoting throughout the videos by having all of my relevant contact details on the video as well as featuring all of the social media links to other pieces of work and other YouTube videos. The particular way is to constantly promote the video, though with up to 200 views per video I know that the demand and eyes are out there for more of my content. It is important to focus on self promotion in new and exciting ways, especially when it can all be linked through various social media sites.

Below is an example of self promotion at the beginning/end of some videos on YouTube. This is something that I am going to be incorporating into my channel in the near future. I am focusing also on promoting the channel through youtube itself, on popular and topical videos that have either a cult following or high subscription count.Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 19.07.01 Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 19.07.58

However from this video I have also seen a number of things that have made me prefer my own to this particular YouTuber. Not only is this video slow-paced and chunky full of content, it does not provide a fast paced feel to it which I deem very important when providing people with videos like these. There are a number of issues with the way in which it is edited (mainly the timing and how it focuses on one shot throughout the entire run). There is also a lack of connection with the audience, as well as no background music which I find helps to lift the tone of the video no matter what the content.

Overall this video has provided me with a number of ideas for the future of my channel, not only through YouTube but also through other social media sites that my channel is linked to. I am positive that the videos are developing as is the view count and subscription rate. YouTube is a community of video sharers, not only is this channel something that follows and rejuvenates old classics but also something that dares to create something new. A key element to a successful channel.

Here is the link to the YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/JoshFarmz


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