361MC: Research & Development – Digital Research Ethnography

With every brand new application that appears on our smartphones, computers or television sets there can be a new form of interaction, grouping together, sharing, trading and especially collaborating with others. These various applications have the ability to revolutionize our modern culture. Through this revolution that is being driven by continuous new ways to communicate, it brings with it particular issues of authenticity. The new ‘new media’ is the driving force of this cultural change that has been rising in prominence.

The media is an underestimated institute, though we all feel as though we are the driving forces especially when it comes to partaking in social media sites.

For those who believe in individualism and that the media is something that is to be taken part in or that it is something that exists away from us, a separate institute; they are wrong. No matter how much we ignore it, the media is not something simple that can be turned off; through this cultural revolution we have become far more dependant on it than ever before, with little proof that going back will ever become an option for us.

We are the distracted forms that this medium carries. We become blinded by it’s power to engross our lives, to form a barrier between a true reality. The media connects us all like never before. Questions come up with who rules this reality, this medium. Are we in control of ourselves? Do we let the form take over our selves? Do we submit our intelligence and knowledge? We have long been inseparable from technology, is it using us or are we using it ourselves?

To truly understand something, you have to take part. To fully understand YouTube, you must take part in it and become a video blogger, a YouTuber. YouTube’s way of interaction with it’s users is a brilliant example of a video sharing and how there is a need for participation in order to continue the sharing and work of social media. Video sharing has vastly become the biggest and most appealing way in which to communicate in today’s pop culture.

YouTube has become the biggest video sharing website in the entire world, with communities becoming formed within the medium. There has been no bigger development of participation in any other video sharing based website and the amount of influence and changes it has caused on social networking and overall behaviour of our society is enormous and life changing. A revolution of pop culture and sharing video based content is the newest trend.

Our voices are becoming louder. Video blogging is fast becoming the newest trend for anyone to do, it’s a simple and effective way in which to share thoughts, feelings and ideals to the billions of users that YouTube has watching. We have a voice, using it is something that driving forces seem to not be able to control; the rules and ideals of the bigger forces is becoming even more controlling and demanding than initially thought, we are at a time where in order to be able to stand out and become a focused and intelligent individual, we are required to speak out and use our own agendas to get what we want and YouTube is the biggest platform for us to be able to do that.

It is something that I will be doing for this FMP, the channel that is to be developed is going to be a place of complete independence and subject to me and no one else. Viewers respond to the truth and morality of an individual and seeing from other users who have found the site a place of success; they have done just that also.


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