FMP: Formal Plans – Social Media Vlogging

Following the 360MC module, there has plenty of change. The FMP that I have set out to do is incredibly demanding, therefore the biggest change is to the weekly release of videos. 2 videos are released every week, starting 25/03/2014. Gaining a better understanding and perspective towards how a YouTube channel can function effectively, on a weekly production schedule has allowed me to gather a functioning and far more efficient way of getting this FMP done to the best of my ability.

Below is just some of the videos that have been confirmed and part of the channel that will ultimately become a part of the FMP. I plan on having the whole channel as a piece for submission, as well as focusing on having a video that provides a preview of the channel that allows new subscribers the chance to see how the channel works. I intend on having a diverse and different take on classic YouTube videos, as well as brand new content that will ultimately provide the channel with a fresh and enticing feel.

YouTube Channel Videos

  1. Hello YouTube
  2. Tin Can Challenge
  3. Drunk Review
  4. Exciting News
  5. Lyric Prank Calls
  6. Ultimate Challenge Extraordinaire
  8. How To Get Through Student Life
  9. My Cat Loves Me
  10. (How To Be) Gay
  11. Mother Reacts
  12. 25 Farmzboi Facts
  13. Something New (Part1)
  14. Spring/Summer Haul
  15. The Photo Booth Challenge

I will also be including LIVE YouTube videos – Dates TBC

These videos are all designed to be partially scripted as it allows room for growth when filming and editing the videos together. The entire catalogue is designed to be filmed continuously alongside releasing the content. Not only will this allow a healthy flow of videos being released but also the chance to gain a sense of structure when it comes to developing the channel.

From the initial presentation, there have been a few changes. From having three videos a week based on the same ideas, there has now become a wider audience-grabbing channel. The initial audience was 12-21 year olds, however this has also had a retooling to a wider and more accessible one. 14-21 year olds as well as 21+. Not only will there be something that is out there for everyone who visits YouTube, but a whole library of content that can appeal to anyone and everyone who enjoys this particular medium.

Taking time out to focus on what YouTube essential is, what it’s aims are and what has made it so successful is crucial in coming to understand how to work the channel well and what to make of it all. I have watched hours worth of videos that provide me with more than just ideas, but ways to approach particular videos.

A video on YouTube is all about choice as someone is choosing to watch. Providing that one person with a video that will entertain, thrill, inform them is what it is all about. No matter how superficial or funny the video may be, there has always got to be a true hook of why this video deserves attention. I have worked hard in finding the right ideas to provide my channel with the right content, content that is worth watching but more importantly; videos that matter. I believe that these ideas that are being developed currently will not only provide substance, but also something different to the YouTube community.


Not only is this FMP focused on a rather new form of media, it is also something that is dedicated to researching how this way of sharing has become so popular and demanding. These are the particular areas of research that are/will be up on my blog. These subjects are excellent for the FMP and discovering more on what is relevant in order to gain a better understanding and outlook on the entire project.

  • YouTube: Rise & Prominence
  • Digital Cultural Ethnography
  • Communication Theory
  • Fame & Social Media
  • Creation of Online Identities & Personalities
  • Digital Fandom
  • Dissemination & Audience
  • Communities & Sharing

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