FMP: A New YouTube Direction

Having taken a couple of weeks to focus on research and developing a wider perspective of how I should and can formally approach my FMP in regards to how I can effectively create a number of diverse videos in the space of time that is left. With this time I have given to myself,  I am now more assertive with what I have begun and though my initial plan may have to be altered, it will ultimately result in a better and more effective YouTube channel.

Firstly, a YouTube channel is all about using a fresh and innovate platform for expression and creativity. A personal and more direct way to share custom videos dedicated to a community of millions. The idea behind this project is not only to create videos for entertainment, but a source of content that has the possibility to spread ideas, values and stories to the viewers. This channel is full of potential when discussing how big the entire YouTube platform is, not only will these videos be dedicated to an audience who can understand the content; but help to continue to present the notion of truly expressing within a busy social network.

To determine what a success would be to myself personally has been something that has not only altered my plans for the channel, but also my entire outlook on this project. Having an end goal not only for this FMP, but for my entire YouTube project has shifted. I am fully determined to make this a professional and profitable destination on the YouTube website. This FMP is the beginning of the journey, not only will it show how it can done and what is truly required of someone to make it all work and come together; but also how much work it takes to live a life that is often expressed on YouTube in some way. If the YouTube videos are well executed and they are fun, with people tuning in to watch as they are doing so now; then I find it to be a success. I’m achieving what I have wanted to do. However in order to truly become successful to those around me and to become profitable in the sense of gaining formal recognition for the videos, more needs to be done.  I aim to make every video worthy of inclusion on the channel, but also have the idea of promoting the channel to gain more views naturally. There are so many ways in which cheating can be achieved, but to do it naturally is what I want to focus on.

Not only does YouTube viewers have the ability to propel a video globally ‘going viral’ in a small amount of time, it also offers particular perks that can only come to those who have videos that are deemed successful and stand out. The biggest perk is named YouTube Partners. Channels that have 10,000 subscribers are able to either continue as free areas for view, or they can become custom paid content sharers. People basically pay them to make videos. The same sort of plan is provided to videos that do well where views are concerned. The videos that have over a particular number, is often updated to include advertisements at the very beginning; which results in the owner of the video to gain compensation for providing YouTube with the chance to develop it’s ways of sponsorship and marketing.

I am forming together a small team to assist me throughout this process of production, not only have I found it rewarding to work alone throughout the past few weeks; it has been noted that to become more efficient, people that are willing to help can only make things better. In order to focus on the content in process of developing is a new scope for the channel, at this moment in time the three main video ideas have been retooled to work alongside some new ideas.

Research has proven to me that sticking to making three videos weekly on the same style constantly will not provide enough stamina to the channel. For this to truly work there will requirements to be met.

  • Frequency – Tuesday and Friday release dates for videos. Two every week.
  • Variety – Focus on developing a broader library for subscribers and viewers. Sticking to episodic videos as well as new content to stay current and topical.
  • Design – Editing techniques, sound effects and lighting are all key to production. Allowing more time dedicated to these provides better results.
  • Promotion – Continue to develop key growth in other social media sites.
  • Collaborations – Find fellow peers for work as well as other YouTubers.
  • Boundaries – Push the limits of everything. Become more experimental.

Following the release of a video on Friday (21st March), there will be a shift in tone and content for the future. This is to enable that I am creating, developing and releasing consistent and effective videos for my channel.

The new plan is currently almost done in terms of where the channel will be heading, it is something different than seen before but also something that can be accepted and seen within the YouTube community. Heading into a new direction with this project has helped to revitalise why I have wanted to do this in the first place and how this is going to be something worth watching and looking forward to every week. It’s all about expressing, growing and learning at the same time.


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