FMP: Production, Scripting & YouTube Suggestions

The production for this project is finally in motion. Having gone through a relatively tough time with figuring out the actual settings for the videos that will come to be released within the next few months, it has become a challenge to guide myself through planning and writing each video separately.

Deciding to plan each video has become important for me. In order to gain a better understanding of what equipment, props, costumes, scripts/notes, cast and crew and more will actually be needed and when. Project management has become a skill of mine these past two weeks. I have come to the conclusion that three videos a week is a big challenge to set myself, but also something that can be done with hard work put in.

Developing an idea of what to create for the channel comes with plenty of research. Coming to the decision to have the continuous videos “Live A Little!”, “Challenge @ Me” and the special unscheduled video “Farmers Tales…”, has become a comfort in how I approach this project and it’s scripting process. In the past YouTube videos that I have produced have all been unscripted, however when it comes to this project there is the importance of creating good content; therefore in order to ensure that everything that I wish to cover within a particular video is completed, scripting notes will be written to gain the best possible video for my channel as possible. I will benefit from this well as it will ensure that during filming, developing and presenting a clearer message can be obtained.

Filming of the videos will not only be scheduled, but also continuos alongside the release of the videos. Up to three videos will be filmed on filming days in order maximise the potential for structured programming on the channel. I have yet to officially find an issue with filming so drastically, but it works well when looking at it from a production side.

Having looked through YouTube for its content that was relatively close to what is wanted to be achieved for the channel that is being developed now, it helped to have influences on what to go for and what to not go for. It’s important to know the key ingredients to a YouTube video, engaging with the audience is the main focus here; alongside a number of social media platforms. Here are three videos that helped to gain a better understanding of how to create an engaging and positive YouTube video.

When it comes to handing in, there is going to be a number of videos that will arise as standouts of what truly makes a YouTube channel successful and prosperous; something worth watching. The channel is going to have a number of videos that are aimed specifically towards the hand in, however as the work and the entire project develops the videos are just going to get better.


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