FMP: Production Meeting – Week 2


Following last weeks meeting, it was evident that there was a lot of work to do. However following the meetings this week, it has become even more apparent of how behind this project is and how much work there is to do. Allow me to introduce the improved and vitally doable plan for this project…

Having had numerous discussions with friends, family and my tutor; it is becoming increasingly common for people to ask what it is that I will actually be doing. In this stage of the degree, this final media production has to be something worthy of my final piece. Basically, it has to be good enough for it to actually be credible. Allow me to finally put everyone’s fears to rest and confirm what it is that this project is envisioning becoming reality.

Having broken free from the generic and general ideas that I had at the beginning, I have become increasingly focused on what the YouTube channel that I have worked hard to develop this far, is going to contain.

I have decided to focus on having three weekly releases of videos that will not only help create a consistent focus to the channel, but also help to develop a following that will come back time and time again as the channel continues to release content.

Here are the three main ideas for the channel that will be released every week, beginning in March.

Live A Little! – Monday’s

Don’t wait for something to happen, make it happen yourself! In these particular episodes of the YouTube channel, the videos will be focused on doing something in a day that is new, exciting, different or outrageous to what you would do on a typical day. Creating a new way in which to live life to the full and forget about everything else for at least 3 minutes.

The themes for each episode will focus on these key ingredients.

  • Do something that scares you.
  • Do something you would never do, ever.
  • Do something that is unusual.
  • Do something that tests your nerves.

These videos will be mainly doing things that I have never done before so it adds an element of suspense as well as hilarity. This idea comes from the feeling in life that we all get at some point in our lives, we want to do something that we haven’t ever done before and be rebellious. Bring the child or the enthusiast out in us.

The video duration will allow for up to three ‘occurrences’ to happen within the one day, as well as the chance for an inside view of the next episode to come. The length of each episode will vary, and there will not be a specific amount of challenges to complete in one video; as long as something has been achieved. This offers the viewer with a less formulaic style and a more casual yet effective approach towards how the project is received.

Finding inspiration through personal contacts as well as the desire to do something worthwhile for the channel, this idea allows me to develop a batch of videos that can not only prove funny and worthy of a watch, but also something that can and should inspire people to do something totally different with their day.

Farmer’s Tales… – Wednesday’s

Throughout my YouTube research through hours worth of content, the lack of personal and relatable pieces made me think more about what I would want to see from a YouTube, something more than a simple plot or a rather dull and pointless video. I find the thought of sharing a funny story, occurrence, incident etc within a YouTube video would provide a platform for plenty of humor as well as a chance to provide a key insight into what the channel is all about; people and life. These videos will be simple and sweet, with influences from the stories told created and shown during.

Challenge @ Me – Friday’s

Following and adapting on a crazy popular YouTube craze is completing challenges within a video. The challenges range from the cinnamon challenge to the name your pet challenge. The possibilities are endless, which therefore allows endless opportunities for myself and the videos to take these challenges to new and exciting levels with the skill and charisma I will not only have to be bringing but also combining in with the videos.

Handing In

When it comes to handing in, I hope to hand in a selected amount of content for marking considerations; as well as handing in the entire YouTube channel to present the work how it is seen to the viewers. This is due to the fact that I do not want to look as though a small amount of work has been done on this project. Handing hours worth of content in is simply too complicated.

With the videos in production now, it is looking likely that the YouTube channel as well as the other social media sites dedicated to this project will all be up and running within the next few weeks. March is the start date for releasing the content and gathering more of a understanding of what will work and what will not.


Having gone through the production process in my head as well as calculating the time and effort needed to get this entire project up and running, the channel can be ready to start releasing content in March.

With the three weekly videos set for Mondays, Wednesday’s and Friday’s the availability of time for other original content will be a challenge, as well as a learning curve for myself when it comes to production and post-production; but a challenge that will only go on to benefit the entire project.




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