FMP: Production Meeting – Week 1

Everything’s approved and production is imminent. The first of many production meetings  took place with a number of key ingredients for the project discussed. YouTube project is going full steam ahead, with less than 90 days until the deadline for this project; it’s time to get down and dirty!

Project Schedule

Having gone through this in the proposal for this project, it has become an outline for the finalised idea. With filming on this project being able to start as soon as possible, it has become apparent that this project can be finished within the time frame. It is whether or not there will be the option to add a bigger variety of content that could be used (such as short films, parody’s and music videos).

The proposed project plan is being used as a template, as of yet the project is behind by two weeks due to constrained planning and equipment issues.

In terms of production the filming can begin as soon as I want it to. There is no need for a particular crew, though there are the people who have become a part of my team that will need to come in at certain points to help along the way. The finalised plan for videos and their release date is something that is also in need of finalising. Whether or not I want the channel to go live before the hand in date is something that also needs to be discussed. I see this channel being ready to releasing content in around 2months, as there are particular things that require setting up.

  • Brand = Logo & design for the channel’s ‘skin’ on YouTube.
  • Featured Players = Particular people who are to be featured in some of the YouTube videos are needing to be contacted for a finalised date of filming etc.
  • Editing extras = Music, watermark, links, transitions and effects to be added.

Post production is where the main time frame is needed, as these particular genre of videos require a hefty amount of editing hours put in for them to fully work. To make a good YouTube video is to film way too much for the 3-5 minute time that you aim for, I say this coming from experience. There is going to be time each week allowed for editing and editing only, with one video being able to be filmed and editing within 1.5 days.

The amount of videos and what is going to actually be handed in is also something that is going to be decided, but at this moment in time, with the end already in sight I can say that the time frame so far is going as planned. Filming is due to begin 17/02/2014 on the first video for the project.

Outline of Story

As it currently stands, these are all of the ideas for the YouTube videos. I will be attempting to make at least one of each of these ideas as well as a number of original creations that are yet to be decided.

  1. Daily Vlog – A day in the life of myself &/or others.
  2. Challenges – Typical YouTube challenges e.g. Cinnamon challenge.
  3. Tags – Responding to YouTubers/viewers on tasks or challenges.
  4. Documentary – How to become YouTube successful and/or the journey.
  5. Parodies – Creating a high standard parody of a music video etc.
  6. Self Help – Giving Advice to viewers, providing personal experience & tips.
  7. Reviews – Providing an opinion on the media e.g. new songs/movies.
  8. Collaborations – Filming with another YouTuber for a video.
  9. Sketches – Scripting a sketch of comedy/other genre.
  10. Short Film – Develop a short film for YouTube purposes.
  11. Tutorials – Basic videos on how to do something.
  12. Hauls – Encouraging viewers/customers to specific shops or places.
  13. Personal topics – Offering a personal view on topics e.g. homosexuality.
  14. Discussions – Diverse conversations with others and viewers on topics.
  15. Original creations – Developing something new for YouTube.
  16. Interviews – Gaining answers on specific topics from various sources.
  17. Video Tours – Providing a glimpse into personal places e.g. University.
  18. Expression – A basic video on how certain things make me feel.
  19. Q&A – Answering viewers/other YouTuber’s questions.
  20. Remake/Remix – Cover particular videos in a new way.

Examples of research relevant to the project – Links to YouTuber’s who inspire

Theory of YouTube and It’s Relevance Today – COMING SOON.

YouTube: Good/Bad & Looking Forward…

I see myself bringing a huge amount of potential to this project, as well as my own take on the classics. Forming a new type of social media presence, presenting myself in more than a simple profile. Charisma, humour and appeal are the main aims. I believe that is what makes people come back for more, it makes them discover who you are and how fun it can be to have fun. This is a medium that has the potential for a student like myself to become known for other things than just the work I have produced over the last three years, when it comes to being professional and applying for jobs then I will stand out as I have the capability to demand more of social media.

At the start of production I have come to see the real ways in which to produce a piece of work, having vigorously researched the hundreds of different ways in which to vlog and use YouTube; it has become apparent to me which parts I like and what I do not. In terms of what I personally do like and what I do not like on YouTube channels is falseness. There are a number of videos in which the subject is simply being fake to the audience, a big turn off for me and a great deal of the viewing public. Another note would be pointless efforts of production, that being videos that do not have a specific purpose. Do not waste the viewers time.



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