FMP: The Entire Project Plan

This entire project is based around the idea of becoming expressive through video blogging, in a world where technology is the key ingredient to reach out to people. This project is indeed an exciting one, however without the formal planning and necessary steps taken; it will not become a stable asset to use as my final media project for this course. This project plan will also feature throughout the visual presentation that has been produced as a part of the plans for what I intend to focus on.

The brief states the following must be included within the projects plan:

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 11.29.26

The Project Plan: 

Title: YouTube: Social Video Blogging

Pitch 1: Creating a selection of custom made video blogs for the consumption of YouTube and other video based social networks that attract millions of users worldwide, every day.

Pitch 2: A grand selection of video blogs created with a comedy/lifestyle design, intended for ages 14-21+, this will result in an eclectic library of 3-8 minute YouTube content.

Rationale: An enthusiastic and intense participation into what it takes to become a successful YouTuber in a contemporary mediated society that is becoming far more dependant on the virtual world than society would admit. Creating videos that are not only varied in structure and content, but also their main message that can relate to the intended audience of 14-21+. Young adults are the main priority and focus here. Projecting a voice of  confidence to the viewing underdog has become a thought process focus.

Context: With the internet becoming more of a reliance on our day to day lives, with neighbourhoods becoming less intertwined with one another; a sense of escapism has been formed, particularly on the video sharing website YouTube. This project offers the idea that though the physical aspects of our society may need determination and focus, social networking has never been so popular. Video blogging offers the connection to the audience through the material, it shows us that there is a way to connect to people through the internet to help them become better people themselves, to become focused on what really matters. We go on the internet for a latitude of reasons; possibly a chance to catch up on the daily news, the famous celebrity stories; we don’t all specifically go on there for the chance to connect with strangers to feel something. YouTube and this project is aiming to present the idea of reflection through visual presentations of comedy and lifestyle in order to project the importance of the sense of belonging and a sense of morality in a time where depending on materialistic things has possibly taken our own sense of realism away. The human brain is more likely to remember something when it is heard and seen, rather than read.

This project will comedy fun but the audience will be learning visually, without truly realising it from time to time. Some of the videos that will be produced will have a serious tone to them, the target audience that is being focused on is an influenced group, therefore the videos need to be varied in order to keep a flowing audience as well as gaining more of an opportunity to make an impact on any given issue that is being tackled.

The videos created will also be focused on bringing a comedic tone to the videos that are presented. They are all mainly focused on various social  topics that have become popular within our everyday lives. A variety is a good mix for a YouTube account. There have been a number of videos over the years that have spawned a new wave of creative videos, theres a prime place for the media production students to take; the way in which these videos can be changed for the better is exciting to me; the formula can be changed when it’s developed further.

This project fits into the current media environment as it offers a consumable form of entertainment in a short amount of time, it’s an easy resort to comedic relief to those choosing to watch. Everything in this current economy is about easy consumption with complete attention made to making all of the work completed relevant to our current social appeal. Expression.

Distribution: The whole project will be focused on presenting it all within one place. Social networking is all about access, so there will be more than one area that is specific to the personality featured within the video blogs. The YouTube account will be the main source for all of the content, however there will also be other resources of information on the project through the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine.

The entire project will be available to anyone and everyone, at any time of day. A weekly release of up to three videos is the main aim for distribution, with production being continuos alongside the releases.

The videos will also be in possible contest with other YouTube channels. Researching various YouTube specific festivals (like Summer In The City: August 2014) there is a chance to gain recognition for the work produced as well as the opportunity to gain contacts with other YouTubers from around the world. The UK YouTube events are what I will be attending in 2014, with the chance to go to other festivals globally if everything goes to plan.

Budget/Skills Audit: 

Creating the budget plan has been simple, as the production requires only up to five team members; it can be done without having to spend a huge amount of money. As I own some of my own equipment, as well as being able to use the Coventry University Media Loan Shop for the parts that I do not yet own, the budget can be relatively low. However if these resources were not available to me, I have taken that into consideration too. In order to gain the minimum £500 I will require, I will be fundraising as well as setting up an indiegogo account to not only raise the money, but to raise support for the project. I shall be offering particular perks for certain contributions.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 11.36.05

Skills Audit

I have had plenty of experience throughout my time at university and have been a director and producer on a number of projects. My technical skills that should serve me well for this project are as follows.

Skilled In

  • Canon 5D, 60D & 650d camera
  • Sony Z1 & Z5
  • Final Cut Pro Editing Software
  • Lighting Equipments
  • Sound Operations

As well as

  • Financial Budgeting
  • Managing A Team

Plan/Schedule of Work:

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 17.26.13

Supportive Creative Artefact: 

A teaser YouTube video has been created for the purpose of allowing everyone to see how all of the work that is being put into this project should look like. The artefact is a simple example of how the YouTube videos can bring about humour and a sense of realism very easily.


  1. This project is current and topical to where we are in today’s society. We are all becoming more technically dependant, YouTube is the new community of the web. Developing a presence within the social media world is something that all media producers need to do, This is a perfect way to become recognised as well as a perfect way in which to develop everything I have come to learn these past three years.
  2. This project offers the work that is to be produced the opportunity to become varied. More than one specific genre can be met in this area of video creation. Video blogging is one of the best ways in which to develop. I am able to say that I feel technically capable to do this project, as well as creatively.
  3. This project is going to be something different. Fresh and original to anything that I have ever done, as well as something that not everyone may want to or think about doing to take onto 361MC.

Following submission and feedback, as well as possible content alterations; this plan may be subject to change at certain points during production.


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