FMP: YouTube – Past & Present

Having become familiar with YouTube for a brief period of time, where video blogs were created as an experiment for other pieces of work; it has become a hobby of mine to consume YouTube’s content. It has to be one of the most diverse places for video consumption on the web, video blogging especially is where YouTube seems to really thrive.

Throughout the three month experience becoming a YouTuber, it was an experience that I found to be enjoyable yet very rewarding. The videos are styled to the more comedic side of video blogging, as it was an experiment at the time. Looking back it has become a learning curve for ways in which to improve for the future.The way in which the site works is extremely fast paced, with views coming in fast there is always the chance to go viral. YouTube’s community of video bloggers inspired me and forced me to want to do more, yet with the ideas formed and everything in place; there was more to the ideas, using it as a possible project for the final year of the media production degree.




As these videos were an experiment for the future, it has become a way in which to see what works for YouTube and what doesn’t. The viewing figures are modest, these videos are reaching up to 700 people for each upload. As the videos increased in numbers, there were more people coming into contact. There were also more subscribers.

The future of the YouTube account has been looked at in great depth. To become a stable feature of the video sharing website it is important to become completely focused on being professionally dependant. The fact that this is going to be a serious piece of work there will have to be changes made in order to gain the intended conclusions out of it all.

Looking at the three videos that were created there have been a number of key aspects of change that are needed in order for the content to become more universally adaptable for YouTube’s global viewers. These changes are:

  • Professional and attractive home page – Drawing people into the content.
  • Videos of varied content – Comedy & Lifestyle is now the main focus for this project.
  • Introduction – Develop opening and closing titles for all video blogs.
  • Variety – Use of props, guests, costumes, debate and more.
  • Personal – Have an identity (whether it be a character like Jenna Marbles for example), or have a view on subject matters that will be discussed and dissected. Talk with the viewers as well as having a way in which to be contacted.
  • Relatable – The content developed will need to become more than just something to watch, but something with meaning and identity.
  • Focused – It takes viewers eight seconds to make up their minds on whether or not to stay tuned in or to come back for more, all content created must be crammed of quality material with no time wasting at all.
  • Multiplatforms – YouTube will not be the only social media site that is going to be used. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine are all included in this project one way or another. Specifically offering either exclusive content or a behind the scenes of the YouTube progress. My project is focusing on both of these things, allowing viewers to see more of just the videos, it makes it more personal, as well as offering the chance for new viewers to find the channel.

These changes are to be made throughout all of the production stages of the project, not only will there be a more professional and consistent tone to the video blogging aspects, but also the entire social media spectrum will become a platform playing field of developing an identity and brand within a computerised world.

The notion of video blogging has become more of an interest and hobby, this project is not only a serious focus for the final stage of the degree; but also a different and interesting take on becoming totally engrossed in social media and it’s relevance to today’s society.


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