FMP: Video Blogger – A Mixture of Ideas

In order to make this project credible, there has to be a whole brand built around the creator. Not only does the material being exclusivley released have to be consistent and of a good quality, but relevant and up to date with the current social, political, personal and professional topics.

This is a vital part of my research for this YouTube project. Having been told to go for a more professional tone towards the videos than sticking with the comedic side, it has been a necessity to become more adaptable in the ideas that present themselves. By choosing to go for a more lifestyle genre, with comedic tones throughout all of the videos, it has been a challenge to discover some of the more professionally shot video blogs. However the specific genre that shall be focused on during the production and release of this content, there are plenty of amateur videos that have become viral and had hundreds of thousands of views.

Throughout my discovery of YouTube, I am finding new people every day. The journey of discovering YouTubers has inspired me greatly. There are particular people on the video sharing site that have stood out for me, the way in which they present themselves, their confidence, their sheer love for the craft of video blogging and the fact that it gives them all the chance to express how they feel and how different it can make people view the world. YouTube has become a vessel for a whole new generation of vlogging, which is not only going to help us all become more nostalgic but also more determined to embrace it.

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Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 08.25.59

Sifting through hours of content has resulted in these ideas for the video blogs that will premiere on my YouTube channel in the spring;

  1. Daily Vlog – A day in the life of myself &/or others.
  2. Challenges – Typical YouTube challenges e.g. Cinnamon challenge.
  3. Tags – Responding to YouTubers/viewers on tasks or challenges.
  4. Documentary – How to become YouTube successful and/or the journey.
  5. Parodies – Creating a high standard parody of a music video etc.
  6. Self Help – Giving Advice to viewers, providing personal experience & tips.
  7. Reviews – Providing an opinion on the media e.g. new songs/movies.
  8. Collaborations – Filming with another YouTuber for a video.
  9. Sketches – Scripting a sketch of comedy/other genre.
  10. Short Film – Develop a short film for YouTube purposes.
  11. Tutorials – Basic videos on how to do something.
  12. Hauls – Encouraging viewers/customers to specific shops or places.
  13. Personal topics – Offering a personal view on topics e.g. homosexuality.
  14. Discussions – Diverse conversations with others and viewers on topics.
  15. Original creations – Developing something new for YouTube.
  16. Interviews – Gaining answers on specific topics from various sources.
  17. Video Tours – Providing a glimpse into personal places e.g. University.
  18. Expression – A basic video on how certain things make me feel.
  19. Q&A – Answering viewers/other YouTuber’s questions.
  20. Remake/Remix – Cover particular videos in a new way.

These are all ideas that will be taken forward for further ideas to become developed following confirmation. This project will have at least one video for each of these categories. The channel that is to be produced will be a place of diverse and extremely fun videos, to enjoy at any given time of day. The plan to have more than one specific genre opens up the doors to many possibilities when it comes to the tone and style of how the videos are to be presented. Having decided to do more than just make the videos and have a whole platform to share with the world, it has become important to know more than what the videos will be about. The overall design and concept of how the viewers will take in the whole experience of it has to be and has been considered extensively. Being in contact with illustrators to come up with some designs for my brand has been a step in the right direction to officially moving forwards with this project and into pre-production ready for the spring release that has been announced.


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