FMP: The YouTube Plan, Indiegogo & Production Team

The Indiegogo Website:

In order to gain the basic £500 budget that I have calculated, I find this fund-raising website to muster up more support and recognition for this project, than I ever could with simple fundraising. I will be creating an indiegogo account. This is an international fundraising website that focuses on thousands of causes for various people/charities/films and more.

I plan on gaining more than just funds front this, I want to be able to promote the project as well as inform the worldwide public. YouTube is global, and although my initial audience may be small; this will provide a platform for the project to stand on. Internationally it will be available, which not only benefits the project but also the entire YouTube spectrum. It allows others who are beginning to gain the opportunity that I have.

The Production Team:

This production team has been created by myself; forming peers that I have worked with successfully with in the past on a number of productions. They will all have an input at some point of the production, though they all will not be required at once. A plan has been put into motion to gain a schedule for their availability from now up until Spring 2014. I look forward to working with them.

Joshua Farmer – Director, Writer, Executive Producer & Actor 

Alice Keane – Writer & Production Manager

Nicola Smyth – Co-Director/Camera Operator

Delissa Mcwilliams – Camera Operator

Stacy Mcbride – Producer & Sound Operator

Lauren Thatcher – Stills Photographer

Ashleigh Hodgson – Props & Make-Up

Charlotte Sinclair-Brown – Casting & Finance Consultant


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