FMP: Social Media – An Opening Door

Having looked into the social media of our modern day world, it has become apparent that being completely focused and determined is something that has to be done in order to produce work of substance. Making a supreme effort to create an eclectic range of content for the YouTube channel has become a main focus, but also documenting the journey to what it takes to become a prominent social media subject has also become something worth documenting for my final project.

Deciding to create something different to the usual short film, a full in-depth research strategy has to be taken into consideration. The vast majority of the social media content is of a basic beginners standard, developing a YouTube channel full of professionally shot content for free subscriptions means more opportunity for reaching a bigger audience globally.

As well as focusing on having YouTube as the prime source of the video blogging content that I want to create, there is also the opportunity to branch out and become more focused and available through the other social media platforms. Media focused pages on the likes Facebook and Twitter have already been created for this work, alterations can be made to make everything come together. The likes of Instagram, Snapchat & more interestingly Vine are all areas that are available to anyone who deems their creations worthy of simple expression. This project is about using expressionism and exploiting it throughout the various social media platforms to create a brand.

Becoming a brand is something that is important to my FMP. In order to be taken seriously, this entire project will have to be professional and focused on the outcomes.


On this particular site, everyone is literally on it. Facebook has become the pillar of our society, there is an ease of access to using this site; it has never been so easy to contact someone. Using this site for the brand is more likely for use of acknowledgment, not everyone however on Facebook will want to know about what I am working on/presenting to the world. Having created a  brand page for media work before, for this particular project it will be important to focus on the work being produced and being specific on what the content is. A page where everything can be found in one place is what Facebook offers when it comes to focusing on promoting. Facebook can be full of likeminded people, especially when its your friends that are the prime focus here. Maintaining Demonstrating a knowledge for the subject of work is also important, and something that not only can be done well on Facebook but also on other media platforms.


This website is the more fast paced one out them all, Twitter can be used for all kinds of promotions. The twitter feed has become a diverse and eclectic place for any kind of tweet to rise to prominence. The way in which the feed is dynamic has become a key element to how Twitter works. For a brand of media work, it is important to know that the audience that can be reached is far more varied than most of the other social brands. Credibility through this site is only ever earned, which means that there is a better outcome when this is gained.


One of the more newly developed social media sites, Google has branched out into a more professionally and specifically coherent way. The way in which it’s use of conversations through the site has become a unusual and interesting form of communicating with the outside world. For Google+, it is the same functionality as Twitter as in the participants have to be in it to win it and winning in Google+ means creating a profile that is more than just a few words about yourself and a alliterating picture every week.

Instagram & Snapchat

The video blogging industry has had a trying time coming to work on these platforms, specifically snapchat. The image sharing focused Instagram has begun to allow users to create short video clips as well, since Vine’s rise to prominence. Snapchat however is an image and video sharing app, that in no doubts has the opportunity to become a stern pole of the video blogging community if it had the chance for a more personal feel to it.

I feel that in my work, snapchat simply wouldn’t help me in gaining the momentum of being where I see myself and my work developing. Instagram however can offer a more personal view into the creation of the video blogging world as well as an insight into the person who is creating all the content. Twitter and Facebook would not offer this intense look into a persons world, which makes it a viable reason to utilise it to the best of my ability throughout this project.


In what seems to be the newest home base for the video bloggers, vine has become a social network with millions of people visiting it every day. Vine’s content is focused on videos that are seconds long, no more than 10 seconds. Vine has become the quicker version of YouTube, it’s easy to use and fast to upload videos too.This platform has seen a number of ‘stars’ rise out of the crowd and gain millions of followers with their ability to create a standout video in the seconds provided, it is a task in itself; something that has proved incredibly popular in the last year and a half.

Becoming & Being The Brand

When thinking about becoming a brand with all of the content that is due to be finalised in the near future, it is really important to be able to know what platforms of the social media spectrum are most useful and helpful towards the end goal.

Looking at the many opportunities for this project, they are:

  • Multiple exposure throughout the social media network.
  • Potential for a much wider audience.
  • Wider perspective of how the medium works.
  • Broader appeal to other users, creators and viewers.
  • Potential for more varied and valued productions.

This project is focused on becoming more than just a brand, having looked though all of the similar networks that are the most popular it is easy to see that there is a chance to overexpose. However with the right mix of productions and contact, there is the ability to create a brand of vlogging videos that can work with the current social needs of the public. A varied and specific group of videos are to be completed in order to gain just a taste of what this can all mean for someone who wants to accommodate the bountiful life of a social video blogger of the 21st century.


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