FMP: YouTube – A New Beginning

YouTube began a whole new concept of the term ‘video-sharing’. A website based solely on the wide spread internet access for videos with any content and subject all in one place. YouTube has become one of the biggest and most visited websites to ever be on the internet.

In February 2005 YouTube was formed by three PayPal employees. The site features the likes of user-generated video content, TV & Film clips and even more prominent content such as video blogging and music videos. All the videos featured on the website are available worldwide, at any time possible.

Every day over 86,400 hours of content is uploaded onto the video sharing website. All this content narrows down to 60 hours a second. Global content from all around the world. Youtube’s videos are mainly free, with some of it’s website offering particular videos for a price.

As a part of the YouTube partnership program that was initiated, many media focused companies have used the website to advertise or screen projects on YouTube only. Companies have come to rely on YouTube’s global access and demand to help promote their business and all of what they offer to the public.

Youtube’s content consists of some free-streaming, videos of either free films, television series or sports based programmes. This is something that has been altered throughout YouTube’s history as in more recent times, the website has had a number of videos taken off it’s list of free content in order for more benefits to be had by the creators/companies.

Copyright has become an issue for this video sharing site, as it has a number of videos that are against copyright laws; yet the site has problems with sifting through the millions of videos that they have incorporated into the business. Filtering through the footage has meant the company has come under fire throughout it’s short life for encouraging uploads to their site by not doing anything about the offensive/sometimes incriminating footage.

Through modern technology’s advances since 2005, YouTube has been able to move along with developments too. It is now easier to access YouTube than ever before, it has also become easier to also upload footage to the site. In particular mobile phones have become more advanced, specifically for YouTube, as well as social networking sites.

In order to keep up with demand, the website has become more socially accepted through it’s content as well as it’s use of advertisements for various retail and merchant purposes.


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