FMP: Video Blogging – A Strange New World

Blogging is a thing of the past, now the newest trend of expressing views on the internet is the video blog, vlogging for short. We are in a society where the virtual community is taking over the physical side of our lives, which is where the vlogging has stemmed from. Not only is vlogging a chance to express and feel, but also a form of escapism from the day to day roles in our lives.

Since YouTube’s creation, there have been a groaning number of vlogging people from all over the world. Throughout the development of social media, there has also been a growing number of ways in which these video blogs have had impact on social culture. One of the biggest videos on the internet ‘Charlie bit my finger’ has been viewed by over 600 million times. The father of the children featured in the video has become a creator of videos of his family following the videos success. This video spawned a string of remakes and remixes of the occurrence, which effected the whole websites structure. The video began the need for popular culture to be altered and re-created to meet the high demand of public consumption.

Charlie Bit My Finger & Remakes

Some key people within YouTube specifically have come to use the website as a place to use their videos as a way of escaping, a way in which to connect with another world of comfort than the real world that we all live in.

The general use of vlogging has changed throughout the years, more recently there have been different forms of sharing video content on various media platforms. Facebook and Twitter have incorporated the video sharing concept around the time YouTube became prominent, whereas newer companies such as Instagram, Snapchat and Vine are new to the video sharing and vlogging business; which doesn’t stop them having millions of users constantly sharing, posting and creating.

Vlogging has become more than a simple hobby, with it’s cultural significance towards todays society; there are now new ways in which companies can get their products to the people. Given that we are more technically advanced than ever before, business is being done by companies all over the internet now and video blogging has become a prime example of the new ways in which to market a targeted audience. With YouTube featuring music videos, films, TV Programmes as well as vlogs, the market is wide open.

Those who have advertisements on their videos throughout the entire social media board, there is likely to be money involved. Some vlogging has become such a goldmine that anyone is not trying to become more than a couple of views famous, the race is on for the next funny video or the next personality with more than a child with a biting habit.

The video blogging world has become frequently more common since the beginning of YouTube and other video sharing websites. A number of peoples video blogging have become well known and popular, with some using it as their prime source of income following YouTube’s move to allow advertisements to be featured on those videos that are deemed popular.

How much popular vloggers can charge:

  • Up to £20,000/month for banners and ‘skins’ around edges of web pages.
  • Up to £4000 per mention of a product.
  • Up to £4000 per Instagram/Twitter post featuring product.
  • Up to £10,000 per personal appearance.

Source: eight&four Digital Marketing

Content of YouTube videos is relatively unrestricted, the most popular videos have been ones that follow a comedic event/time. There are a number of video blogs that are factual as well as fiction. The good trait of YouTube especially is its ability to have a wide range of content, from people of all ages; available whenever you want to access it.

Here are some specific vlogging examples that have proved popular worldwide:


Here are some helpful links to understanding vlogging and it’s rise to prominence:


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