What makes a good blog post?

This is all very useful for when it comes to writing our assessed blog posts for 360MC.

  • Referencing is needed for hand in. Harvard referencing is a must!
  • All about Narrative. Be engaging and interesting. Structure and excite.
  • Use images/videos
  • Present different views, have a balance.
  • Beginning, middle and ending – Do not
  • Don’t have it like a diary
  • Well written, grammar checked.
  • Not personal (except in the reflection).
  • Reflection is: looking back (research and artefacts) analysing the event, reference to a theory or model. What does it mean to you? How have you developed. Using ‘I’ is allowed. How did you find solutions to the problems.
  • Reflective writing: think about 3w’s!
  • How do you feel? What have you learnt? FMP mention.
  • Reflect do not judge
  • Evaluation is about the merit of the artefact and the process or research involved.
  • DESCRIPTION: use the present tense when you are describing an idea. How are you going through this.
  • Each post needs to be 300-500 words

I need to make sure that throughout the blog posts, they are consistent and they are worthy of your best work. It’s important to stay focused and do not stray.


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