360MC: Conclusion (FOR SUBMISSION)

Brining this piece of work to life has been something of a learning curve for me. Throughout the entire production, from the initial idea to the final editing stages I have wanted to keep in mind of the main reason this particular artefact was important. To remember how the use of memory is one of the most powerful things the human brain can achieve; memory not only is there for personal gain but for an enriched life. I have become fully invested in memory, it has become a conscious element that I think about constantly.

I have developed an idea from my mind onto screen and into this module, allowing me to not only become more expressive than ever before but to actually see how far I can be pushed into stepping outside of the comfort zone and into an unknown territory. I have become a far more technically skilled media practitioner however the most important achievement I see in myself and my work is the research. The way in which the research has helped focus me as well as inspire me has been sensational, like never before.

My piece of work that I have elected for submission is a labor of love and hard work. I find a great sense of cultural awareness with this piece that I know is going to help me to develop myself as a true media producer. This work has mentally given me more drive and determination to focus on the true core of my work, what the key message is that I try to get across to the audience; sifting through the idea and finding the real reason I want to make what I make.

I plan to move forward with a full speed approach towards the work I am due to complete in 2014. I now feel confident enough to know how to tackle my ideas, I am able to develop them and research them to an extent that will bring out the true nature of what I am trying to say, no longer will my work be mediocre. I am working to make myself and my work better every day, this artefact proves that.

My FMP is going to benefit greatly from this module.

This module has provided me with the skill set to push the boundaries and experiment. In terms of research and development I feel that I have successfully researched my artefacts and developed them into solid pieces of work, with memory being not only my favourite but a piece of work that has a true depth; an interpretive piece of work that speaks volumes when you delve deeper into the ideas of memory and what it means for our futures.

This is my final artefact – MEMORY


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