360MC: Evaluation & Reflection (FOR SUBMISSION)

My work throughout this module has all been relative to a current issue or debate in today’s society. I am questioning our existence through my work, the artefacts are all in a way responses of my personal interpretation of our world. I have to be at a place in my third year as a media production student to want to challenge the concept of reality and normality. Bring about a new form of response through creating something that not only thrills but can speak for itself through its content.

I chose memory out of the three artefacts as I feel as though it is my strongest piece of work. I have come to learn that in order to work to my best ability, I have to know what I am trying to say; what I want to speak about that can really drive a piece of work into more than just a few shots that tell a story. I understand now the importance of research, as I have expressed previously I have become more engrossed in finding out the true idea behind my initial idea; it means a great deal to be able to dive deeper into sending out a message for my work. The message that my memory work is informing the viewer is something that I hadn’t truly thought about when I came up with the idea, but research and development allows me to understand more about what I am thinking and why. It gives me the chance to become more expressive and powerful with my work that I produce.

The memory lectures within 360MC and 305MC have been a huge input in why I decided to focus more on my memory artefact. I find the human mind fascinating and learning more about the human need for memory and society’s dependence on it is really interesting. Being told in the lectures to create something unusual, something that scares me brought about my idea for memory and how I fear of forgetting about things or people who are in my life. Bringing theorists into my work isn’t something new, but a skill that I have progressed at. I enjoy being able to think of various scenarios and techniques that helped me to get to the final product that is my memory piece.

“All societies end up wearing masks.” – Jean Baudrillard

This quote is something that has helped me throughout the development stage of my work, initially I was going to use this quote for my memory artefact but found it to tell the message too quickly to the audience. I want to be able to challenge quotes by theorists, this one especially is something that made me want to focus on the memory element. The message that we are all consumed with fake imagery and a false consciousness. I have enjoyed being able to learn a great deal on representations.

Coming to the end of this intense module, I understand a great more than I did when starting. I grasp more on the theoretical side of creating a piece of work for public use, what is it that you want to convey to the audience? what is the main reason you are doing what you are doing? I have gone through so much of these questions in order to have my work understandable and guide people with a message.

I look to the future and now my FMP, it is going to be a high hill to climb but after this module I feel as though I have been prepared. My research and development skills in particular have advanced greatly, something that is only going to not only benefit me in my final work; but in life as a media producer too.


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