360MC: Analysis (FOR SUBMISSION)


The whole idea behind this artefact is based on my realisation of the significance of memory. I have based a piece of work on the notion of forgetting about memory and what it does to our lives. The artefact is surrounded by the idea that memory means more than anyone can truly realise. Contextually aiming to present a moment of remembrance of a day with no significance, a realisation of a life possibly lost or misunderstood, realising that the days where we do nothing could have been so much more.

Presenting the artefact for feedback has resulted in a few tweaks to the artefact, but overall the main response has been positive. Beginning the work on this piece I knew that I would have to gain feedback to ensure the message that I was attempting to put across to the audience was working. I found it to effectively present the idea of a memory through the flashback, it allowed the idea of forgotten memory to come through.

There was feedback that the artefact would need more than a simple editing transition to create the flashback, some sort of other creative tool would help assist the work to become more poignant. I therefore headed back to develop a way in which to help the artefact to become clearer through the way in which it is presenting memory. I found support from peers towards the altered ending that I developed. Presenting the entire artefact in quick flashes of memory through the finale allows me to clearly tell the viewer that this entire piece of work is designed around the woman’s memory of her day, her recollection of what she has or hasn’t achieved in the day. I support feedback I get and I’m pleased that I went back and revised the artefact.

Something I have added into the artefact is sound. Though music is often the strongest accompaniment to footage, I found that by combining not only selected natural sounds and a piece of music has added to the tone of the artefact. I wanted to have natural sounds in the piece of work to help the subject in the footage to connect with the viewers, to make it seem more realistic. I also found it to be a key way in which to bring the idea of memory and it’s triggers into the fold, by having natural sounds above the music it enables the viewer to realise that there are particular moments in the artefact (and in life) that the subject is remembering.

As the creator and producer, I there is a personal element to this specific artefact. Memory throughout life is something that we can all forget about, myself included. Therefore I feel that this artefact has enabled me to express some repressed emotions towards forgetting about particular things. To sit back and recount life before it’s too late.

Theorist Nietzsche explains that a memory is instrumental in the construction of community values. Delving deeper into the common understanding of memory within society, I wanted to ensure that the artefact itself represents the current debate that is ongoing within our communities. Guy Debord especially believes memory is controlled by power, demanded by society for us to conform into our places. I wanted to challenge this by including the influence of self appreciation and recollection, we aren’t just puppets. We have our own identities of life and what we want.

My intended audience would be the obvious; anyone who is able to access it on the internet, but more specifically it is there for people who deem memory simply as an element of life. This is a message to the people who do not deem a memory as that important. The entire module of development and research has forced me to think of who am I presenting my work to, I am designing this piece to focus on the people who forget. Simply that is my intended audience. I am creating a message for those who want to learn.

Developing this artefact is something that has been a challenge, but something that I feel has been successful. I am able to know that through it’s revisions the work is able to speak for itself, it is able to be used as a narrative towards how today’s society can forget that our memories are to be cherished and nurtured. We are living in a world where memory is becoming less important, we have technology in which we can have our entire lives detailed. I wanted to present the memory piece as not only a message but as a beacon for the viewer to find in themselves the idea that memory is what makes us who we are, what we have been and what we are going to become.




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