FMP: YouTube – Part 2

Having gone through my final idea for my FMP (coming 2014), I have decided to document the journey alongside the YouTube work to help document it and explain why I really feel that something like this is important to me and why I am doing it for my final project. As a media production student it is vital for me to know my audience, to know what I am putting out there and be confident enough to know that it will be received the way I see it in my mind. This is something that I feel can be really rewarding and fun, but most importantly it will be something that will be worth watching.

The idea that I not only do a YouTube channel came to me when I thought about how I would be making this experience, all the work I am giving myself unique? By writing about it? or by telling people directly about it? No. This is about something that is going to help people to understand, accept and maybe even learn from. Now I’m not saying that this is going to be easy and my YouTube videos are going to be a huge success, but it is going to be able to document something that not many people would normally do. It’s going to be something that can work alongside the YouTube aspect, a ‘behind the scenes’ documentary if you like.

I want the documentary part to be a total reflection. I am going to be doing things that I have learnt throughout my 3 years at University, it’s a chance to be full circle. Though I don’t want to fall into the cliché and have it as a complete personal diary, it’s going to be something that is going to be worth watching.

Being able to document my journey throughout this project is going to be really interesting, it’s going to be worth it in the long haul because it allows those viewing it to not only know what I go through, but also what it takes to make certain things work; and how sometimes not everything goes as planned. I want to be able to have more than a YouTube channel full of content, I want to show how I got there.

A journey it is going to show, a whole lot of work is needed. I’m ready, it’s something I know is a good idea. The process can sometimes be as thrilling, if not more so than the actual outcome. Who knows, I’m willing to find out what this is going to do to my ways of thinking and working.

Bring it on.


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