I have done it! I have chosen a firm idea for my FMP that I want to take further. I have decided to do something different, something that I have had a chance to do in the past. I’m going to use YouTube as a platform for creating miscellaneous videos.

Before I go into further detail, here are the three videos I created for YouTube in Summer 2013. They gave me the idea for something much bigger, a possible idea way back when I began filming.

They were created for fun, as something that I have always dip into to see if I liked it. Getting the chance to use it as part of my work last year for professional experience made me think more about doing this professionally. There is a great deal of potential for a YouTuber, theres so much demand for 3 minutes of entertainment; relief from everyday life. I liked being able to make videos for fun, but also it being something that helped me to develop technically and professionally.

It’s a win win!

I am currently searching the web for ideas on what direction to take my channel, I’m looking at all of the content that is out there to get some ideas. I have noticed that a large supply of the most popular videos on YouTube are either demonstrations, parodies, sketches or simply people talking at the camera about something. It’s starting to get into my brain that for this to be taken seriously I’m going to have to decide on the various forms of genre to go for and how I am going to be presented. The designs, the scripts, the productions of the channel is something that I want to look professional and inviting, something that is going to make people want to stop and watch.

YouTube is all about broadcasting yourself, the video-sharing website was introduced to the world in 2005 for videos to be shared, uploaded and viewed. Millions of people go on the website everyday for what I think is best described as relief. YouTube can be an escape, at times it’s somewhere to go onto when you want to forget about what is going on around you; a place of escapism is always a good thing!

I would say that YouTube prides itself on the originality and charisma that so many people bring to the site; people of all kinds of backgrounds, race, gender, age etc are all on there talking/singing/dancing around just because they can. YouTube opened up a huge door for expression. I’d also say that so much of what YouTube is now is because of the people who are on the site, the website wouldn’t be what it is today if it wasn’t for people experimenting with going against the norm and breaching out of their comfort zones to talk into a camera and say hello to the world, whoever is watching.

I have learnt a great deal too about YouTube and it’s growing amount of success stories. Shane Dawson & Jenna Marbles are prime examples of how creating videos of enjoyment can actually turn into something of a career. The number of people who have gained fame through the website is constantly growing, though it isn’t fame I am after; it’s good to know that there are successes and how there is a way to be recognised. YouTube in fact pays videos a particular amount of money when they reach a certain amount of popularity. I find this to be an incentive, though necessarily a goal of mine going into this but a perk of the whole YouTube experience. The videos that I want to make have the opportunity to go great lengths.

Here are some of my ideas (so far) for videos to create for the project:

  1. Storytelling – (Personal experiences etc)
  2. Parodies – (Pop culture & more)
  3. Sketches – (Scripted stories etc)
  4. Reviews – (Movies & More)
  5. Humour – (Doing things for humour)

Here are some of my favourite YouTube acts, they have influenced me greatly in my decision for this FMP idea. They have each come to bring millions of views to their videos, as well as a social following and a trend for expression.

I will be continuing to write down ideas for videos as well as researching the grounds of what makes YouTube so successful. I do not want to reveal anymore just yet because who knows, things may change when this is presented for feedback!

I’m looking forward to this…


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