Cliché Lecture Notes

Avoid the cliché at all costs!

  • Originality, know what you’re doing and what you’re referencing. Are you making a emulation? Parody, spoof, satire, mockumentary or appropriation.
  • Not enough research will be a cliché. Know what you’re doing.
  • It’s okay for comfort. They only work if you know you’re doing it for part of your work; employing it to better the work, to make it ironic etc.
  • Appropriation: significant piece of art from 20th century. A urinal with a fake name on, entered into a big prized competition. He was turned down.
  • Appropriation borrows something from something else and retextualises it, reworks it to make something different and to say something different.
  • Luis bunuel
  • Make a frown, not sentiment!
  • Dimensions of dialogue
  • Speak from your soul!

I will be taking all of this information and keeping it in my mind for when I come to blog for professional and academic purposes.


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