360MC Spectacle Lecture


  • Perception is influenced by experience and understanding.
  • Spectacle means one thing to someone and another to someone else.
  • Media is full of spectacle from the personal through to the shared.
  • Personal & Shared experience (have you ever made a spectacle of yourself? What was the situation? Do you and did you believe them?) (E.g. jedi boy).
  • You can turn something into a spectacle, e.g. something off the Internet etc.
  • Are we part of a wider spectacle as an active participant? E.g. football match or a concert.
  • Is spectacle media created? E.g. Diana’s death and marriage. Was the whole nation moved by it? Because it was made into a spectacle it seemed so.
  • A recent contemporary spectacle = riots. Not as big a spectacle than previously thought.
  • Gatherings of many people are often linked to spectacle
  • Can you do anything to stop or alter some spectacle? 9/11 & tsunami
  • It’s easy to capture a spectacle these days, camera’s are here now!
  • Manipulation becomes brilliant spectacle.
  • Cinema is a brilliant creator of spectacle, more ways than one. (Historical, War, Sci-Fi, Religion and Fantasy in particular).
  • Art has always made use of spectacle before cinema, paintings were the spectacle. (John Martin)
  • Google earth in biblical times
  • AES+F Collective – re-interpret classical/historical events
  • Leni Reifenstein

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