360MC – Power

“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind” Jim Morrison

For this task I have used the idea of power and taken it to show something that everyone can relate to, something that everyone can understand; but possibly not realise. The power of the media. I would say that this essence of power and control stood out to me the most due to it’s profound way of forcing us to all conform and become the respondent that the powers of society want from us.

I decided to do the power of the media because it is something that is currently relevant to me, going through this final year of university has become all about development, attitude, control and power. I have become more involved in research and looking into the media and it’s true power over society, I found the idea that society is like a cash machine; we are taking from the system and accepting it as we know nothing else, we cannot challenge it because we have little to no idea that we are being exploited. The media is controlling us without us truly questioning our existence, our true meaning to why we are doing what we do.

The task was quite difficult for me to discover a way of presenting what I wanted to show. Looking through the shots that I had come up with, I decided for it to be shot as though the viewer is the observer; next to the person or in front of the person on the screen. I wanted it to symbolise the subject being injected, soaking in the power and influence of the media. It worked to my advantage because the way in which I saw in my head, came out rather well. Thinking more about why I found the way I shot it good made me think more about how it represents the different forms of media being taken in by the subject, especially as the television is one of the media’s biggest and strongest ways to get their power through to us.

We go through our everyday lives not realising many aspects of society’s plans for us especially when it comes to it’s indefinite control over us. There have been many cases of crime that have been a result of the media becoming overpowering and causing reality to take a backseat against thoughts or actions that seem to be against the norm. The Jamie Bulger case can be a good example of how the media can have a bad effect on the public.  This case in particular stands out as a prime example of the sheer volume of power the media can have on us as individuals, the death of that young child is a beacon of light shining over all that is wrong with society. Control is the standout word to me when thinking about the media.

The quote that I found useful and that I have used in the piece of work is from Jim Morrison: “whoever controls the media, controls the mind”. The quote simply covers the whole concept that I am going for, the media has a control over our minds, there is no way to run away because we do not know any different; do we? I tried to challenge that question by thinking of either way and feel as though the media’s control may seem easy to shake off but it simply isn’t as easy as many would presume. We are under the watchful eyes of the media, though we may sometimes feel as though we are our own selves; what brought us to these moments? There are so many ways in which the media can gain control and power over us without us even coming into contact with it directly. Power can spread like a disease, something the media can do very easily.

Taking in so much from the media can lead us to draw away from a real reality, which is what came up the most when I was researching the power it can have on us. Sustaining a sense of the real reality and the real world becomes increasingly harder when we conform to the ‘socially acceptable’ forms of behaviour, morality and basic living. If we aren’t doing what everyone else is doing then we aren’t a part of the real world. However the real issue is when it comes into how we behave, how the media’s power can alter the way in which we live our lives.

The media changes our lives by telling us what is right, telling us what is wrong. It has the power to influence to feel a certain way, or to feel the need to own something materialistic; or to react how it can be required. The list is endless, but as an example; these are some of the biggest ways we are influenced. This is something that I wanted to portray through the newspaper shots especially, seeing the headlines on a daily basis proves to me that making this artefact is worth it because it shows how draining the media is and how it’s true power comes through every single day.

The media’s power is so strong that it can have influence on anything at all. I believe that the power of the media is something that has infected us all, were all in line to where the media wants us; it’s the way of the media in which we are the guinea pigs. We are taking in the  I wanted to do this also as it is something that I have studied before, an interest of mine on how it can be so influential to us as human beings. Jamie Bulger and his untimely death is something that can specifically relate to the themes of the power of the media.

This first artefact has been something that has allowed me to open up my creative process and really evaluate what works and what doesn’t. I have been working towards becoming better at what us media producers do; and I feel as though this task has made me realise a number of things.

This piece of work is very strong, the story it tells is simple yet effective. I feel as though I have accomplished what I set out to do. Show something of power that I find challenging, something shocking to me. I found this topic to be completely relevant to myself and society, we are at a time where technology is advancing and power is rising; meaning anything could be possible in the near future. I find it unsettling and upsetting that so much has happened due to the power of the media, specifically when it comes to the crimes that people can commit because they seem to lose their grip on reality. It’s important that we all can know what reality is, but then do we even actually know a true reality?

The most important lesson I have learnt from this is that I am able to come up ideas that can materialise into something good, believing in criticisms and negativity has been my forte; it’s not good for the brain and creativity. I feel as though this final year has been an eye opening experience for me already, this is it; this year is going to be over with a blink of an eye. It’s time to be impressive and leave a mark, though this work may not be my best; I do feel that it states what I want it to; it says what it needs to say.

I have learnt that when it comes to responding to a task with a specific brief it is important to think outside of the box and think that the work you produce is something that has to go alongside what is being asked for, but at the same time making it your own. Making your own stamp. Before I have looked elsewhere for advice or influence, but this entire task has been my own response to power and its relation to me as a media producer.

This task has made me think far more about in-depth research. I made more of an effort to know what I would be showing to the group, media control is something that is used daily as a term for us; but looking into it formally showed me that we really do seem to be controlled, in more than one ways. I feel that I have created the artefact that I wanted to, that I wanted to show. I find my way of presenting being under control by the media in an unusual and interpretive way, it can be viewed different to different people. I am happy with how it turned out, though obviously I wish that I had more time to create the piece; my main issue was time and lack of content, something that I am going to work on in the next two tasks as well as my final project.

Here is the link to the power artefact:



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