364MC – Professional Practice Portfolio: Beginnings

Today was the first lecture of 364MC and I’m pretty overwhelmed by what we have ahead of us. I’m definitely ready to take on the challenge, but what a challenge it will be! This module is all about gaining an understanding of what is next, where I will be heading in the future. It’s important to know more about where I want to go after university, simply because of its importance to my future career. I know that ever since I began this course I have wanted to work in television, doing something within that specific field is what has driven me to make it happen. There are 22,500 media production students graduating in 2014, let the competition begin!

I have made a plan for what I want to do for this module. I am going to look further into getting work into TV. I want to look into the kind of people I need to be talking to to gain experience and knowledge on the jobs that are out there. This is a working progress, but something that I think can really help to push me into greatness.

I have personal contacts that I can use to my advantage here, one being a former Executive Producer of Eastenders. Having worked on the show for so long, she worked her way up through the show but she decided to quit and work on other personal goals. I am going to plan a sit down interview with her to find out what exactly was required of her, what makes the job so fun/stressful and many more questions I want to know. I find that by talking to people who have had direct access with the business of television are really important to me here for myself but also for my professional development, as well as the work required for this module.

I am wanting to also develop myself more on a media platform, as i have a rough idea for my FMP at this moment in time; it all involves social media, technical skills as well as a number of creative ideas. I am wanting to use YouTube as a main structure to my work; meaning I am needing to think more about my online profiles and how I am seen to the viewing public, I have already gained a number of subscribers to the channel that I had created previously, it’s just about starting to create something more than a couple of videos that do decently well for a beginner to YouTube; I want to be professional at this and need to look professional and like I really want to be taken seriously for this.

To create my professional portfolio I am going to use a number of different ways to create what I envision as a brilliant way to show off my work.


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