FMP – 2 Pitches

Pitch 1: Trigger

“Remembering is the trigger to our minds”

Thinking about recent events that have happened to me in my life, it has made me very reminiscent. I feel as though a great deal of life is looking back on things that should of been or also what could have been. I have thought about creating a

Pitch: This idea is something that can be related to anyone who sees it. We always are going to reminisce about our lives, the if’s the should of’s and the could of’s as well as the times we find to be bad or the times we find to be good. It’s our memories that make us who we all are, where we are going in life and who we eventually turn out to be. I think that the triggers in life, every day are what brought this idea to me. The things in life that make you stop and have that memory moment, where you remember. I find these moments in life key to making us who we are today. It sounds silly but it’s really true when you sit down and think about it. I find this to be an idea worth progressing. I’d show the moments in life that we stop and remember and the moments where we remember the moment in life when it becomes something to remember. A death, remembering a birthday, a birth, a wedding etc. Showing this or presenting this in a fashion of a montage to a possible debate show about the importance of memories; it’s an idea that can really be developed greatly.

This idea would work either as a short film (having a montage possibly to show the moments in life through different peoples eyes) presenting the triggers that can set of a memory.

This idea would also work as a possible TV or radio show. I can see this as a debate/remembrance type of show.

Pitch 2: YouTube 

“Building an audience of clickers”

After speaking to Karen for some inspiration and advice, I thought much about where I could go inside the media world to make something worthy of possibly being my FMP. I had worked a lot last year on a YouTube channel as part of my research, which made me think about the possibility to continue this idea and build upon it; making it bigger and better than before.

Pitch: To create a YouTube channel full of content for the world to watch. Content varied throughout the site to be custom to various kinds of videos that have proved popular throughout YouTube’s reign over the internet. I will build an audience, give the channel some character and possibly develop a persona for the channel.

Research has been of the normal amount so far, thanks to last year I still have some knowledge on YouTube. I also have a number of key influences from various successful YouTube channels that I can stem some tips and ideas from. It’s all about being yourself and becoming partnered with the videos that you make, to make a good video is to make a lot of people happy.

I am feeling as though this could be a very useful idea for me to continue with, it is something that I am familiar with; but also something that I know I can gain much more from. I am able to think more about where I need to be and what should be done to make this particular idea a success, it’s all about thinking more about the bigger picture and thinking more about where the future is heading for us media practitioners. To me it’s all about self promotion, creating and maintaining a YouTube channel whilst looking for TV work will help me to stand further out from the crowd.

It’s something that really gets my excited, because it is something that not many people would think to do.


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