Format TV: Studio Recording

TV show recordings have been something I find really interesting to become a part of. I have been to a number of different shows throughout the past three years. I find them to be really helpful towards my ambition to work in that specific field in the future. This summer I attended a TV show recording that I am familiar with, The X Factor.

This show is something that demands a great deal of audience participation. I find this show to be useful for myself because it has so many parts that make the show. There is the audience auditions, bootcamp and then the live shows; it’s a great amount of difference when it comes to how the producers want the audience to feel and react. Though there are a number of ways in which I find things could be changed to make the show and it’s particular format even better.

To make something like this show better, I would say that a number of things could be done. For it to become far more appealing to me as a media producer and as someone who wants to work in TV in the future, I want to see these kind of things happen more within the studio recordings of this show and others:

1: Inform your audience – Throughout the show I felt that we weren’t needed. Though this isn’t something that would make the show better, it’s really important to know that your audience are there for the show and to make it what it is basically; make it a success. If we aren’t happy then we aren’t going to react in the way that the show is seen on TV. I didn’t feel a part of the show because the entire work force behind X Factor were too invested in their jobs. Though it’s fun when everything starts going, i would be more aware of how the audience are treated. I would want them all to be having the best possible time, some may be big fans of the show who are there to gain more than just a seat for a couple of hours.

2: Do not lie – The show is known for being a fix, and it is. I know that many shows withhold truths but I noticed a lot of forced expressions from the judges (acting), possible fake contestants and producers having a hugh impact on how the show accepts/denies candidates. It’s a very forced show that I do know needs to be the way it is to be entertaining, but does it really? I don’t find this to be a truthful reality show anymore, based on my observations. Be truthful, if that doesn’t work then theres no point to the show being on TV at all.

3: Make more of an effort – The show is getting old, where are all the new faces? all the new kind of modern contestants? it’s all the same, which just also makes me say that it’s time to end the show or at least change a format. The show seems too practiced and rehearsed.

4: Transform – Creating a TV show, particularly a format TV show means that there is bound to be a time where it becomes less entertaining and more of a show that can become tedious and less popular. For a show to become better, my advice as a loyal viewer is to continue to change and make alterations to a show that is failing at it’s age and not providing us with something more than what we expect. It’s lame and boring.


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