Festival Research

This task in particular was quite simple for me. I went to a music festival this summer (August 2013) and was able to see the way in which media practitioners use their media; in it’s many platforms to the people, the consumers.

Looking throughout the festival I noticed a numerous amount of different techniques that were used to help gather either custom or public attention towards the ways media is present at the festival.

The most prominent form of advertisement for producers to gain an audience for their work was through posters & screen advertisements. The amount of posters in particular was huge, everywhere the festival had room there were posters. The screen advertisements were featured within the main area of the festival, that being the areas where the musical acts were playing. I found the screens to be useful, as they had a number of different adverts on them; (mostly the musical guests and their products) but the posters were the ones that stuck in my mind. Being quite a traditional form of advertising, I thought it to be really effective that they were all over the entire festival grounds. It helped to maintain the advert in your head, even thinking about purchasing something or knowing more about it. It made you more aware of what is available to you, the way that it was worded and designed makes you far more inclined to do something about it. These two main forms of advertisements meant a lot of promotion had to be organised.

The artists music is obviously the main focus here for the festival, but also it has to gain something else out of the entire run of the weekend, a profit! V festival is run by Virgin, which means the whole company is not only there to give people a good weekend of live music, but promote itself and it’s partners in the best way; that being with stalls, stores and confectionary. Virgin know how to make money, and it’s ways of doing it are really effective, obviously. The company is out to make something that will benefit them the most because everyone is going to be working with them towards the main goal; making money and making people aware of their work and their media. Especially

Social media is also a contributing factor to the ways in which the company are able to make the festival a success and make it more of a destination by making it more accessible to the consumer. It’s become something that can generate a huge amount of potential, especially for something like this kind of business.

The processes of the event are generic. The company that organised the whole event had to gain a number of artists agreement to perform and have their names and faces added to the festival. The whole media practitioners involved within the business would have had to think about what to promote from Virgin, the artists, the businesses and so much more. This is something that I find to be really useful for my work in particular, it adds another dimension to it and can help make people see it from all over the world. It’s all about accessibility.

I would say the promotion of the event is the main aim for it’s success; especially when it comes to generating sales through having high profile celebrities. The whole media form is actually the only way that something like this can function because so much of it’s business and income comes from the consumer conforming to it’s demands of social media, advertisement and actually practicing media without even knowing it.


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