Power, Spectacle & Memory

Thinking about these three ideas for my FMP that are required of me within the next week has been a real challenge. I have NO idea what I want to do, where I want to go and what I want out of this final year, I could not be more confused as to where my path is leading me to.

I have had trouble thinking to myself about what type of project I will want to focus on, there aren’t many areas where I feel comfortable to be honest, I’m not the best media producer. Now I’m not going to let that get me down or let me be beaten by my lack of ability, because I know some things! I’m just not going to be able to focus on fronting his huge project because I know I wont be able to cope.

Using this blog, I’m going to go through all of my ideas and try to project my thought process in the best way possible.

Using the three ‘elements’ I have three ideas that really aren’t something I see my final project being, but simply ideas that I feel can be developed so much more to eventually, (hopefully) become my final FMP idea! These three ideas have been really hard for me to come up with, I have used many of the influences of summer 2013 and the various tasks that I completed. Something to keep my mind on has been to focus more, to develop more and to question more.

Power – Thinking about this part brought many different ideas to my thought process, but not one stood out to me in a way that this idea did. It brings to my mind the feeling of being stuck, being looked down upon by higher powers; after all we have a number of ways throughout this world that we can relate to this idea. It’s something that I don’t really know a lot of specific information on, but something that really interests me. We all have moments of feeling different about where we are in society and how we are all different at the end of the day. I believe that in my life I have the power to become anything I want, to be anyone I want and to make my life what I want it to be. I feel as though the power aspect of this would tie in with my life and my ideas through the daily challenges of power in today’s modern society. This element to think of something to work on for my final project really just makes me want to create something that shows that power can mean nothing, we all have power within us

Spectacle“a visually striking performance or display”. I have been thinking more about what kind of thing to do for this part of the work. I want to show a number of different spectacles in one film. My idea would be to work on having a number of spectacles that can be seen through everyday life, but tied together. I need to think more about how and what specifically, but I want the topic to be of relations, is everything in life relatable to everyone? is it still if it is not to do with us? I want to explore that and take a basic view of society and gain a higher view of the matter through exploring the elements that we do not see all the time, through the normal eye.

Memory – “Remember” I thought a lot about this idea and I feel that this is something that is very relatable to everyone. Going through what I have been going through this past couple of months has made me remember a number of things that have happened in the past that come to light again. There are certain aspects of life that we forget about or we want to forget about that always come back to haunt us or surprise us. I like the feeling of remembrance; no matter if it is something sad or something that can make you smile. Remembering is something every human on the planet does everyday, it is a part of who we are. Even though this idea can be seen as something quite generic and conforming to this task by going for the obvious; I really disagree. I find this subject to be something that can be birthed so many different ways.

My main idea for this theme would be to present the mind through a series of images, show how something so small and simple can trigger the mind into a flood of remembering memories. I find this to open a huge amount of potential. I would have a number of people from different backgrounds coming together through a series of memories; meeting in unexpected circumstances. I can see this being something like a radio show, possibly with a presenter and guests discussing a particular reminiscent issue that can help to cover the ground I am going for.

I do not know how I see these particular ideas in media form, I’m finding it difficult to think of how I would want to represent them in the way that I see in my head. I want to be involved in TV far more than I have been, but do not know how these ideas could be rearranged to fit into the genre of TV as of yet. It is something that I will be constantly figuring out and thinking about.


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